Great retrospective and current-stance review of James Corbett's work, in this interview with Buck Johnson

Makes very clear how James worked his way - and I do mean work, lots and lots of it - to his present view of things, how things - really - are now, and where they’re going. Excellently clarifying; and, I have to say, persuasive. J. gets a lot of flak as cospithirrist, or alternatively as gate-keeper/controlled-opposition. But listening to his run-through of how it all developed, and the pristine total archive that he holds permanently available on his own website, despite the wrecking tactics of the censors, so that anyone can check his documentation and line of reasoning, on demand, I found myself willing to think: Yep, banish your reservations! Despite his sometimes OTT-sounding analyses, he’s a sober, high-quality investigator and honest-reporter of our current dire reality; top drawer:

Thank Rhis, what an excellent podcaster JC is.

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