Gradus ad Parnassum: The stepwise radicalisation of Robert Malone

Bob’s not quite at the summit yet; but near. Perhaps I should drop in here a joke that’s become painfully apt about now:

‘What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and an established fact? About six months.’ :innocent:

Robert is demonstrating a syndrome which various other pillars of society have remarked in themselves lately; Reiner Fuellmich and Mike Yeadon being two: they’re all saying: ‘If you’d suggested these ideas to me a year ago, I’d have advised you to take your pills and see a psychiatrist ASAP. Now, I’m saying: “My god! It’s true!”’

Robert is saying some seriously radical things here. The last ten minutes in particular is highly relevant to the joke above. Except that I’ve been mithering about exactly that stuff on racial targetting of specific populations with bioweapons for some years, before it was widely accepted that the gene-tampering secret labs were even doing offensive-weapons research at all. So perhaps when you’re this far out on the fringe, it’s more like years than months. Yet still the derided cospithirrists turn out to be clear-seers, in the end…

This interview with the striking young Russian woman is 69 minutes. Well worth the time. I believe the venue is Robert’s horse-farm in Virginia. Done well out of his goco-period, hasn’t he? Things might get a little hairier now. Get the condition of your heart checked and OK’d, Bob; as publicly as possible. (Oh god! Another still just about OTT cospithirry!) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::


Hi @RhisiartGwilym , great interview I had to go to rumble to watch it for some reason:

only 10 days ago, this stuff is getting out fast.


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hi again, as an afterthought , RM confirms our suspicions about this virus being GOF created but adds more detail in the form of CIA involvement directly in the Wuhan lab.
Thinking about this virus and its similarity to all in the corona family , including the common cold, it should have been the first question… how come we see all these vascular injuries to the immunity-challenged from this version of corona which comes with all the bells and whistles necessary to invade our cells and the nuclei of those cells, when this has never been part of this family before?
Even following Zach Bush’s approach that the pandemic was the
perfect storm derived from a whole series of global events ( regional fires producing masses of Carbonate PM 2.5, cumulative years of glyphosate poisoning of the environment, mass use of ace2 receptor up-regulator meds, zombie medical policies etc.) - it would not have been set in motion in just a short time without a trigger or catalyst. That of course was the GOF’d created bio-weapon.
So RM’ s comments fit the ZB narrative but adds that crucial element , evil intent combined with technical capacity.



My last thought for the night, there was data out there that suggested those who had taken the flu jab in winter 2019-2020 were more likely to have problems with covid. So did they trigger this plandemic with the contents of selected flu lots?

Just asking!:slightly_smiling_face:


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Good stuff, although he does seem to be labouring under the ‘leftist agenda’ chestnut.

Drugs aimed at specific genetic codes? That might explain the mass Covid testing.