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Gonzo Lira free!

(Not seen these yet).

About to cross the border:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Thanks for posting these.

I tend to believe Gonzolo Lira and certainly hope he has not been (apparently) imprisoned again.

That’s 90%, one could say.

My 10% more skeptical brain raises questions, such as why he’s allowed to have a twitter account, or to post on youtube. I had two anti covid psy op songs taken down by YouTube in less than two hours, maybe faster than that, back in August 2021.

I was also suspended for a month by twitter back in 2021.

But I’ve watched a lot of Lira videos and for that reason alone I give him support in my minuscule way.

Good luck Gonzolo!



Not good news:

Mark Sleboda


^ I can further affirm that


was stopped on the Ukrainian side of the border from crossing and has since disappeared, now for more than 24 hours. That is the last that anyone has heard from him.

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Scott Ritter says Lira is controlled by the Ukrainian Secret Services, if you go to Ritter’s twitter you’ll see a lot about this, here he explains his point of view

Go to the 4:50 in the clip

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Curiouser and curiouser! Do you have a link to Ritter’s Twitter on this? All I can find is his old stuff.

Below, Alexander Mercouris from 2nd August on his friend Gonzalo Lira - no mention of what Scott Ritter has said.

First 12 minutes of progamme:

The MSM seems to have almost completely blanked the story. RT from 2nd August:

And this also from 2nd August from MSN of all places

MSN: Scratched my left eye with toothpick, cracked rib: US-Chilean journalist describes torture in Ukrainian prison


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Ritter has had quite an exchange with vocal Lira supporter Brian Berletic another former USA military who is now a leading military analyst.

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Hmm. Coach Red Pill stinks regardless. At the very minimum, chap is a social media grifter.

But I’d like to focus on the accuser. Am sure I’ve mentioned this before, but Ritter seems to be building a brand. It could just be that over achiever thing yanks have, but my spider sense is tingling. The old I’m an expert and so you don’t know what I know is not a good look nowadays, which adds to my suspicions.

Then there’s good old Le Carre. He had a maxim about never really leaving intelligence once you joined. Can you trust Ritter because of his background? He is a good source, but maybe it’s about what he isn’t telling us?

Going back to Lira, either he’s a fool or he’s an asset. And I’m inclined to believe the former. What would you have done after the first disappearance by spooks? Stayed for more in a warzone or as one Shepherd said to the other Shepherd, “Let’s get the flock outta here!”? Exactly.

The next clue towards his stupidity is his appearance. He has not spent the last few months as an asset, and I’m inclined to believe his stories of torture. Another slice of dumbass was his plan/blabbing (money!!!). Moron should have gone to many embassies before trying to covertly cross the border.

TL:DR Lira is a fart wafter

Impossible to know at this point isn’t it? I watched quite a few of his videos, starting when he was promoted on the now offline Saker site, so simply for that reason I hope he escapes seeing as how I ‘used his services’ and learned some things by listening to him. He was a clever and articulate commentator. Didn’t hide his pro Pinochet views, etc. He apparently knew how to make money as an internet personality.

Gonzalo Lira Sr: The Value of Human Life in Ukraine is ZERO | MOATS with George Galloway Ep 262

‘As a father it’s unbearable not to know where your son is,’ says Gonzalo Lira Sr after his boy has once again disappeared into a Ukrainian dungeon

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UPDATE: Gonzalo Lira Never Made It to Hungary; US State Department Confirms He Is Still in Ukrainian Prison

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I guess that means he’s still drawing breath, thanks for this @Rich

Yes, I hope so. The US could get him out of there just by snapping their fingers. Why don’t they? Assuming Gonzalo really is there of course…

Gonzalo Lira is seriously ill with double pneumonia in a Ukie dungeon His father believes he is still being tortured.

Full story here:


Thanks for posting this unfortunately grim update

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Unfortunately it seems Gonzalo has not made it

Even though I was expecting this it feels like a kick in the guts. Zelensky & Biden - either of them could have freed him in an instant. They did nothing and let him die in a dungeon. I cannot imagine how his poor family are feeling.

His videos are still on YT:


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To think this is the supposed brave new democratic world that maybe 1/2m Ukrainians have been sacrificed for.