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Gonzo Lira: About That Missle That Fell In Poland . .

Interesting theory on the Ukie missile/missiles. Some of the BTL comments are also worth a look.

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Thanks @Rich, very thought-provoking and not a scenario to be ruled out, but mixing up the latitude/longitude for targeting seems far fetched. I’m sure the precision missiles use far more granular targeting.

To the best of my knowledge most of the hits on power generation sites have specifically avoided the most critical elements, allowing the network techs to find work-arounds. So far.

Rolling blackouts carry risks in and of themselves. One of my sisters lives near Sandton, Johannesburg, and they regularly have “load shedding” on a published schedule. (As is the case in many parts of ZA but especially Gauteng due to the population density.) when zone X is switched back on and it’s zone Y’s turn for six hours without juice it is not unknown ( in fact rather common ) for the power surge to fry some or other substation.