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Global Warmingering from the IPCC continues apace!

Global Warmingering

Hi folks, at the heart of most of our current problems – The UN and its appendages – the latest IPCC horror cartoon is fictionalised in their 2391 page Assessment Report and is the subject of devastating critiques by leading climate scientists. As Judith Curry concludes in the first link:

The IPCC Reports have become “bumper sticker” climate science – making a political statement while using the overall reputation of science to give authority to a politically manufactured consensus.

3 important highly critical articles from 3 climate scientists on the latest IPCC Assessment Report : AR6 – last instalment published in March 2023.

  1. Judith Curry
  1. Andy May
  1. Roger Pielke Jr.

N.B. the download of the full CLINTEL report which can be accessed via the above clintel link is 181 pages! ( needless to say for me – tldr! so far )

The full IPCC report of around 2300 pages can be accessed here I believe


– I enclose the link as it lists all the players in the construction of the Assessment Report if ever we need to check the words and see who is responsible for this crock!


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Thanks for posting @CJ1 . I haven’t followed any of your links simply because I have come round to believing that the IPCC is just another captured group, however, it’s always good to have the real science on the record.

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I’ve now followed and read the first link. That, and James Corbett’s podcast on measuring global average temperature should be enough for any ‘carbon zero’ activist who has any critical thinking ability to say what crisis, and the IPCC should all be appearing at Nuremberg 2 along with the plandemicists.

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