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GG on Rochdale rigging, police called as Labour supporter caught red handed in the system


George Galloway


My campaign manager awaiting the police at Deeplish Community Centre having caught red-handed Labour corruption there, alarmingly abetted by a member of staff !@RochdaleCouncil


Labour councillors from outside busy breaking the law for a candidate Labour has “disowned”



Up the Workers!
Looks like Galloway is set to win. Going by betting sites.
Though, I wonder where they get their updates. Exit polls maybe.

A blow to any genocide promoters in this country that there happen to be.

Update. Result will appear here.

“Polls closed at 10pm with the results expected at around 3am on Friday”
My guess it will be sooner as it’s stopped looking like the result is in much doubt.


GG romps home - landslide victory:



I don’t know what was informing the betting market (which had GG neck and neck with Labour the whole campaign, election day and part of the evening) but with Labour fourth in the end it couldn’t have been exit polls or even pre-election polls. These were exchange betting sites where the market is not set by someone’s opinion but simply by the bets traded. Which had me wondering about these little attempted election fiddles - maybe some in the know who thought it would be close and who were unaware of the true picture, thought they could take advantage of their ‘inside knowledge’. With some £200,000 won and lost, there were some burned and disillusioned fingers.