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Over the last week I’ve prepared a long complaint to SBS for broadcasting lies about the Mariupol drama theatre bombing, after Amnesty released its report blaming Russian bombs for the explosion. I also sent my complaint to our Russian embassy, who kindly posted it on social media and their Telegram account, where it found its way onto Eva Bartlett’s channel also: > Telegram: Contact @RusEmbAu
Amnesty’s claims are comprehensively disproven by Vasily Prozorov and local witnesses and experts, who show how the explosion went off under the floor, so couldn’'t possibly have been from above - even if some magic plane were able to drop two bombs simultaneously on either side of the stage without them perforating the roof!
As it happened today there was a big protest outside the Russ embassy in Canberra on the anniversary of MH17, which was mostly by Ukrainians but also some unfortunate Russian Australians. There is also a three page fairy story in the SMH/AGE about a special investigation into Russia’s war crimes and the “disappeared” Ukrainians. In both cases the Embassy was asked for comment, but declined. It’s not as bad here as it would be for Russian speakers in Ukraine, but I’m not game to stick a white Z on my car for fear someone would smash the window. They are TOXIC, so full of hate and venom in their righteousness, even while they are totally wrong. At least I’m now on favourable terms with the Embassy, which might be useful in the event of a sudden flight… But no-one here seems to have any idea what we are facing; something has to snap, and it won’t be Russia.


Am I flying to excessive imagination here, David? Or am I really picking up a vibe of sane Australians, who haven’t been sucked into the mass formation, now beginning to feel that there could be a serious need to think about getting out of Oz; like those canny European jews in the 1930s who also picked up the vibes, and got out to Britain and NAmerica, whilst they could?

Had you told me three years ago that by now, 2022, I would be smelling the distinct stench of 1930s Germany from Oz, I would have laughed you away. Really not so sure now. HowTF did that happen!

I don’t think so Rhis - though the antagonism to Russia is barely evident, that’s only because there are so few of us sticking our heads up. But the reaction I get from old friends even, and complete strangers, to expressing sympathy/support for Russia and Putin is “don’t even go there”. It doesn’t help just now that MH17 is remembered, as this is a bit like 9/11 in Australia - sacrosanct, because 38 Australians died in the atrocity. Of course for us, the observations of the behaviour of Ukrainian nationalists over the last four months has shown that they were quite capable of shooting down a planeful of people just to get a tactical advantage in battle, and that their MI6/CIA assistants were also keen to get a strategic and propaganda advantage over Russia.

I’ve been saying to Jan for months that life could become intolerable here, but the reality of leaving everything behind is too difficult, even though we’ve thought for years of moving back to Europe somewhere… but where!
And there really aren’t very many of us Putin supporters - at least not evidently. Most significantly there are some in the “Freedom” movement - the anti-lockdown mob - who also are on the fence over the US vs Russia. They are often very anti-China, but more accepting of Russia. The worst problem is with the left and the likes of Stop the War, who purport to be anti-NATO but completely misunderstand Russia’s case, and Putin’s thinking - and it’s harder to argue with them than those on the right.

I’m interested to know how people feel in the UK, as it seems to me there is just as little support for Russia’s view as here in OZ. I subscribe to the Spokesman mag, from Bertrand Russell house, have done for years, but the latest issue starts with this huge rant against Putin from the editor, and praise for Russian opposition voices.

But currently we are fighting a new Wave of COVID hysteria, push to get the 4th dose ( for those who had three and found it didn’t work I suppose…) and the “new antivirals” Paxlovid and Molnupiravir, renamed Lagopia or something, which cost over $1000 and don’t work as well as Ivermectin or HCQ. People are battering down doctors’ doors to get the shite! To cure a cold. Jeeesssuuuusss! cheers David.
PS Oh to be sitting having a pint beside a canal in the 33’ heat !

From personal experience, the pro Ukie hysteria here was/is unbelievable. Ukrainian refugees being housed locally, people who probably could not find Palestine on a map organising fund raising events, the local hairdressers with a Ukie flag in the window.

Watching some tennis at Queens (pre-Wimbledon) on the tele recently, the commentator promoted an upcoming local tournament in aid of charity. Guess which charity? But it was the BBC. We were aksed to donate some old bikes for Ukrainian kids. My answer (which my wife did not repeat to the requester), was where the **** were these people for the last 70 years of 5 million Palestinians?

Sorry to pick this postscript out from a completely relevant post, as if to devalue the main thrust of it, but I can’t resist cheap laffs. The 33° heat is being framed in apocalyptic terms

There is some alarmism here Karen! However I wouldn’t be too sanguine about the heat, as 40 degrees is a challenge for those unused to it… We had a day of 47degrees early in 2020, when I just happened to have a meeting in town with the local MP… walking from the air conditioned car to her office a couple of hundred yards was a challenge. But then we had already had a walk for half an hour when stuck in Dubai for a day, in 48 degrees… spending a few minutes in an air conditioned bus shelter. No-one walks anywhere in Dubai except in mid-winter, and so there are no pedestrian crossings or facilities, except in the suburbs where the poor work-force lives.
Just adding this perspective to point out that one can survive in conditions one gets every so often, but may struggle when they are so out of the ordinary. But what strikes me is that this is actually just a forecast, and we are being told about it as though it has already happened! Also here! Of courses it might be worse!!

But there, you 've distracted me entirely from what I was writing about…cheers

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I just got this from the wretched despicable AVAAZ:

Dear friends,
When Putin’s bombers flew over Mariupol, something strange was on the ground.

Outside the city’s theatre, where hundreds of women and children were hiding in terror, someone painted a giant plea for mercy:


But Putin’s killers bombed them anyway. 600 people were murdered.

They’ve also bombed schools, hospitals, playgrounds, and a mall – experts are now warning of genocide. We can’t let Putin and his killers get away with it, so here’s the plan.

Avaaz, who once drew attention to the bombing of Gaza… but who now forget it.


Avaaz was obviously a trash-talker mouthpiece for the US deep state from the beginning. Outed as such quite a while back, as I remember. Always delete without attention, if they ever get through to you.

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Sorry about the distraction. Sanguine is an interesting choice of word as one of the terrifying headlines warns of extreme heat possibly causing blood clotting. This may well be the case, I didn’t bother reading it. Yes it makes sense to be cautious etc. One assumes the most vulnerable are the very young, who cannot read or comprehend television, or the older generations, who have lived experience of previous heatwaves, that they survived. So it can only be the millennials (I’m generalising) who are the target audience for these dire warnings.

The red alert was the lead topic for this morning’s bulletinettes on R3. Hearing that, the first thought that sprang mischievously to my attention was:

‘H’m! Got to keep the atmosphere of alarm stoked one way or another; get the plebs used to it. Poxymonk looks like a bust; suggestions of a new wave of covid seems to be slipping off people ineffectually; so what do we cry up today, to keep the unfocussed-anxiety levels up? Well, keeping the climate alarm simmering is always a good fall-back: heat-waves and wild-fires…’

Probably my unkind reflection on people just sincerely trying to warn about a genuine risk, I suppose.

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