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Gaza 'ceasefire' in pictures

Nothing to say here except don’t expect to see may of these on the BBC. I thought this deserved a thread on it’s own.



You won’t for sure. Palestinians are people! Who knew.

Just one more hurdle to overcome:

“There is no such thing as Palestinian children”

H/T psingh of TLN for capturing that moment and the sentiment.
Twitter link is https://twitter.com/AlanRMacLeod/status/1727829449020678528?s=20

It was a fleeting moment. The description was soon deleted. Might be possible to find it on webarchive.org if you can locate the G. piece, which I presume remains.

If you log in or use nitter on it you’ll see there are quite a few people defending the description, claiming that all the Palestinians in jail were terrorists aged 17 or 18 and contrasting with the happy Israeli women and children allegedly murdered by the terrorist on Oct 7.
Many of them claimed all the Palestinians had been convicted in a lawful process, or even that the younger ones were terrorists too.


Calling out this cynical Newspeak is really important, thanks for posting that. A lot of our thoughts/ideas are formulated verbally and if those words are ‘cancelled’ we can eventually not form the ideas. As G.Orwell warned 75 years ago.

Images such as the powerful photos in Pat’s OP are being suppressed, manipulated, photoshopped and miscaptioned too, in order to deny the evidence right in front of our eyes.

Propaganda/the Spectacle have become part of the everyday environment now: everything is a ‘crisis’, we are perpetually in a state of exception, life is never permitted to settle or normalise. It feels like being on a treadmill with no edges to leap off and no controls for slowing the damn thing down.

Wishing all 5effers a peaceful weekend nonetheless.


An unusually effective quote from Tony Greenstein

“Israel is not a fucking Jew. It is an American sponsored Rottweiler in the Middle East.”

in a piece about a strike by schoolchildren in Brighton in protest against Genocide on Gaza.

The quote is relevant to the piece as the school’s head teacher tried to call of the protest on the grounds of ‘safety’, and insinuate that Jewish children who might support Israel would be at risk. Unfortunately for her, Tony Greenstein also lives in Brighton


Thanks @PatB. Heartbreaking. I don’t know how to bring meaningful pressure on our govt to call for an end to this. The complete sell-out of the labour party is beyond disgusting…


The continued dehumanising of the human-animals.

Palestinians are not killed and have no children. What a vile rag the Guardian is…


What a brilliant blog! I’d wager a small sum that la Headteacher will not respond to his follow-up letter or will drag out the tatty “tone policing” card. (Thus underscoring the liberal belief that civility is some kind of precious treasure and that backing reprehensible policies, as long as you explain politely, is the kind thing to do…)

What Baker was saying was that if you oppose racist murders then you are a racist because the racists might take offence! We should turn a blind eye for fear of offending the racists.

This quote encapsulated an argument made very eloquently in a recent Simon Elmer post to the ASH site. Itself extracted from his book The Great Reset. The way he lays into Sadiq Kahn and his ilk is richly deserved, and quite courageous in the suffocating cultural milieu we are forced to inhabit at the moment.


Israel routinely takes the siblings of ‘wanted’ West Bank Palestinians as hostages. ‘Children’/‘people under 18’ obvious. ‘Hostages’/‘prisoners’ less so but still a propaganda distinction too.

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