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Gawd Bless Yer Charlie

Yes, I know this has been posted many times before (it’s in our DNA). I’ll put it up again in light of the Coronation this coming weekend…

The Peasants Revolt happened 700 years ago. Wat Tyler & Co were protesting against draconian laws that restricted the freedom of people, and high taxes to fund idiotic wars.

700 years ago, ay. Nothing ever changes…


Never get tired of that clip

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Evvy, are there any recent opinion polls with regard to the British royal family?

I believe most have been in favour, although in recent years the gap has narrowed, with now maybe 54% in favour?

I can’t see that golden coach, and all the rest of it tomorrow, going down well in the present economic climate.

I’m going to watch it on the telly. Firstly because, whatever you think about the Royals, it is a large slice of history, and secondly I have a hunch that something is going to happen.

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I’ll be in hiding. I’ve switched on the radio three times and wished I hadn’t. BBC staff are under orders to find royal connections everywhere. Any publicity is good publicity at the moment. (Do not eat the quiche!)

The British public are very knowledgeable on royal matters :slightly_smiling_face::

One in ten Brits think Hugh Grant and Colin Firth - are members of the royal family

Brits are clueless about royal history – with more than one in ten believing actor Hugh Grant is part of the monarchy, according to a poll. The study of 2,000 adults found 11 percent also assumed David Attenborough is related to the royal family, while others thought the same of Keira Knightley (10 percent) and Colin Firth (10 percent).

But 90% of things in the Express are wrong so you pays your money….
Moving up the poll credibility ladder - well to the first rung, anyway - we have YouGov:

Do Britons think the UK should continue to have a monarchy?

In the wake of the Queen’s death, support for retaining the monarchy increased briefly from 62% at the time of the Platinum jubilee in May 2022 to 67% in mid-September. As of April 2023 that figure has returned to 62%.

At the same time, the brief dip in backing for an elected head of state has now disappeared, with the 25% who currently want a president or similar about the same as it was prior to the Queen’s passing.

While support for the monarchy remains high, it is significantly down on previous levels – YouGov tracker data found backing for the institution as high as 75% in 2012 and 2013.

Ahead of the coronation, six in ten Britons say we should continue to have a monarchy, while one in four say we should have an elected head of state

I didn’t check if the poll was conducted in the Royal Mile, but YouGov’s next item shows that age is the confounder, with each generation that passes dropping swathes of aged (and not poor) royal supporters, to be replaced by a crop of worked-to-death youngsters with diminishing prospects, who see the reality beyond the flags and the pomp.

Younger Britons are significantly less likely to want to keep the monarchy than their elders - but the gap wasn’t always so wide

% of each age group who say they favour keeping the monarchy over having an elected head of state


Prior to 2018 the age groups are: 18-24 / 25-39 / 40-59 / 60+

The RF is hanging on grimly to its lead. One is…:worried::

“Ahead of the coronation, 58% of Britons say the monarchy is good for Britain…”

But one more coronation - say when 88-year-old, relatively unloved Charles clogs it, and the shoes of todays 80-year old loyalists are replaced by those of our currently ten-year-old skeptics - could or should see it slip into the red.

And about time too :joy:


Medscape: A million NHS workers avoid coronation celebrations

Medscape actually circulated this:

“Hundreds of NHS Staff to Join in Coronation Celebrations.”

There are about 1.2m NHS workers.

I’m in the Scottish Highlands. Went to Hands island today and saw Puffins instead. Weather was amazing. I am sunburned by Highland sun…

Sausage fingered fool ain’t my king

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Feck, I thought I’d seen some stuff over the last 3 years, but what happened in Westminster Abbey today was beyond belief. I know I’m largely in Republic Land on this board; however, this 9 minute clip is worth watching. It’s worth watching because it gives a good insight into the Establishment. These loons totally control your life (and take all your money). Mind you, I did enjoy the choral music…