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Gates' admission (Jimmy Dore)

So everything can now go “back to normal” then.


Kind of like flu but a bit different. The man’s a genius.

Yeah but nevermind and let’s continue stabbing, maiming and killing people including children with unknown highly dangerous safe and effective chemicals and let’s get going on the babies as soon as possible.

Can someone please wake up and immediately arrest this disgusting shit and charge him with crimes against humanity before this insanity goes any further?

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While I agree, Bill seems to have this way of leaking information. The poor quality of his lying is part of it. Maybe he likes to appear to be someone who knows what’s coming up, part and parcel of the megalomania? But whatever the reason he just can’t seem to stop issuing previews of the next couple of items on the agenda, so he has his uses. Biden is the same, telling us “there’s gonna be another pandemic”.

Show trial or not, as we know there are, will be, legions of aspirant psychos who would take the places of these ones in a heartbeat.

Maybe the world would benefit from regular lotteries where a couple of the elders are required to jump off a cliff, as in Midsommar. Humble human behaviour and divesting themselves of the wealth they have stolen earns exemption, perhaps?