Fauci’s Wuhan Research Worse than Thought – New Documents Reveal

Good stuff from Jimmy and friends…


If (when?) Tony Fauci can no longer deny the obvious untruths he has told he will patronisingly claim, again, that these were Noble Lies. Superior people sometimes have to bend the rules a bit, you see, but only with pure intentions.

Quite a lot of evidence, it seems, to suggest that Omicron was lab concocted. No evolutionary explanation seems to make sense. They haven’t quite found the bit of commented-out code saying “I made this”, but not all that far short. But the usual caveats apply.

Jon Stewart On Vaccine Science And The Wuhan Lab Theory

This is extraordinary Karen, thanks. Far from being derived from the unvaccinated African population - as we are currently told to force us to help them get protected so it won’t generate new variants that will threaten US…!! What this may be is the intentional production and release of a milder variant but one that evades vaccines, forcing the BOOSTERS on us - while not actually endangering those who’ve taken the stuff already. It will however not endanger us untermenschen either, and hopefully provide natural immunity against Coronaviridae…

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