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Fat war criminal mass murderer dies

Henry Kissinger gone to meet the souls of the men, women and children he killed.

No links (from me) as I can’t bring myself to read pissant obits about him


Some good news for a change - ta.

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I’ve only had a quick whizz through some truthful ones on Formerly Twitter and a surprisingly unsarcastic tweet from Dmitry Medvedev. It was appropriate to discover the news thus:

Sorry about Shane McGowan though.

Well… this was quick off the mark. Stocking-filler…?

He´s gone to join mad maggie and mad Albright in the seventh circle of hell, and await the arrival of Blair, the Clintons, Sanders et al.



Hang on a moment. . .

Much of what Scott Ritter says about HK in this article and on the podcast was news to us and goes against all our previous understandings (prejudices?). In this new age of enlightenment we are prepared to listen! (His podcast with Jeff Norman is good value also for both Gaza and Ukraine though we suspect him a little of closet optimism.)

Hi @AlanG

As a bright spark with his head screwed on it’s not surprising he wouldn’t want to risk nuclear war. I’m not sure you could say that about some of the present crazies in the US system!
But other than that I don’t see what we learned here about HK that’s different.

Ritter was in with the US military brickwork in the 1990s and the warmongers wanted to turn Iraq over regardless of the consequences for Iraqis. This kind of thing they had been doing for decades. Kissinger was one of the instruments of that policy - Korea, Vietnam and South America and elsewhere. Making the pips squeak, was his way of describing policy towards countries and populations that didn’t want to serve up their national resources to US investors.
He hadn’t changed much when it came to Iraq:

“Once again, Henry Kissinger disappeared into the background, only to reappear in the summer of 1998 as one of the “foreign policy experts” who articulated openly about the need to remove Saddam Hussein from power.”
Another million people “needing” killed for US interests, then.

Scott Ritter is now proving very useful, giving the appearance of some morality and certainly great courage and probably truthfulness - but you don’t get to be a useful insider for those opposing evil, if you have always been a saint! He’s moved in the right direction, but I don’t see that Kissinger did - though I’d be grateful if he stopped nuclear war, he didn’t do it for humanity.

That’s my take anyway.



Not trying to make out HK was some kind of good guy, just that there was more to him than ‘fat war criminal mass murderer’. Come to think of it, was he not against supporting Ukraine against Russia? (our take on that was that the evil old bastard had gone soft. . .)

As for SR, we continue to enjoy his commentary, especially his forecast about Russia/Ukraine.

Yes, fat was a bit much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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“… more to him…” looks a bit like fat-shaming to me :wink:

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