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Yes, we all know it can be difficult.

My father and I always had a troubled relationship. When my father died in 2019 he cut me out of his Will (my father was a wealthy man). No surprise there. Nevertheless I was still there to bury the old bastard.

I mention this because LocalYokel and others have alluded to family stuff.

I doubt if you can beat how mad my family are, but you can try…

Spent about 45 mins typing and deleting various replies. So I’m just gonna write like I speak.

You took the piss. You overstepped the mark. You owe me an apology.

At the pub, I’d have decked you for the second comment you made in that thread.

Sorry about your Dad, and competitive comparisons of families isn’t healthy.

Have a better fucking day!

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Local Yokel opened up a bit about an ongoing, hard situation.
He was goaded into it by you Rob.
That’s not what the board is for, in my view.


Seconded. If I choose to disclose anything personal, like my actual name, for example (known to quite a few anyway), that will be a wholly personal choice and only in the context of a discussion. I strongly doubt anyone can reach their sixties (or, for that matter, their teens - see below) without picking up some scars of one kind or another. I would certainly appreciate a bit more kindness here. Our late friend Richard definitely shot from the hip, but would moderate his words or apologise pretty quickly too.

Personally I’m very pleased to see @RobG contributing to discussion and would like to ask for his view, and anyone else’s, on Macron’s recent more civilized discourse re Middle East. I suspect he might be made to pay for it as I’ve speculated elsewhere.

And has anyone read Aneantir, Houellebecq’s recent novel? The English translation is more than a year overdue and apparently won’t appear until mid-2024. He’s an atrocious trouble-maker in many ways but I appreciate his writing even so. I hate waiting.

Superb but disturbing novel about teenage insanity, driven by social media and boredom in particular:

I haven’t finished yet, in the last quarter, but it’s absolutely compelling.

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Apologies folks for not replying. Big storms and internet connection out again.

I have to ask LocalYokel why he was so offended by what I said?

I didn’t mean to be offensive. I was just trying to point out that many families are fucked-up.

You could write a novel about my family (in which large sums of money are being stolen by the dear relatives, including the accountant).

My father’s funeral was great fun.

You don’t get angry, you get even.

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Oh come on Rob. I expect you already know that’s not true. Read all the threads that refer to Israehell/Palestine and you’ll find just the opposite. With an issue like this where I personally am horrified both about the ongoing genocide and the possibility of WWIII. I’m sure many posters here feel the same and it can be hard to temper ones emotions but I’m with KE here.

“I didn’t mean to be offensive.”

“So this board is for the slaughter of children in Palestine, is what it sounds like to me.”

Well it’s not for your gratification and ego.

"Our posting rules are simple:

please be civil - no ad-hom, hounding or bullying"

I’ve flagged your post.

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Hi RobG

I’ve not read your latest post but I’ve seen a quote which doesn’t reflect well on your ability to think straight. If you are in a permanent state of anguish at the genocide being carried out in Palestine its understandable of course but, then again, you might have considered the possibility that the same emotional reaction can strike people dumb and the last thing they want to do is go back to the same old, same old, keyboard warrioring. (Personally I’m in and out of that state.)

Your lashing out is, I repeat, understandable to me but not excusable. Surely (old man hat on) you’re old enough to know better.


You people are all on another planet.

And I’ll say again, with the callous disregard for life that out glorious leaders show, how do you think they are going to treat you?

I may have missed whatever it is that has gotten you so riled with folk here. How have you arrived at this notion, Rob?

It appears to me that everybody at 5F is horrified about the turn of events in Palestine.

I’m not sure how it may be working for you, but I’d say that lashing out at concerned souls here does not elevate you into a position of moral superiority.



Post deleted - abusive,

“You will get about ten seconds of my time.”
It took us much longer than that as we have to be fair to you.

Posts that contravene the guidelines (which are fairly laissez-faire), will be deleted.

But any more abusive posts will likely to lead to a ban.