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Fake accusations return against CJ Hopkins

A case won by writer and satirist CJ Hopkins where he was stupidly (rather, cynically) accused of misusing a swastika symbol is now being appealed.

In the discussion Hopkins makes the point that such fake legal cases or excuses are everywhere.
The same ‘stupidity’ was used against Roger Waters. A similar one was used against MP Andrew Bridgen, to shut him up about excess or vaccine deaths.

We are seeing utterly fake accusations that can not possibly be true being nurtured by ‘the system’ to silence critics - in different countries.

So, Hopkins says, it’s a mistake just to look at what is going on in your own country.
I agree - in the UK you could blame the stupid Tories and in Germany the stupid court and in the US the stupid or corrupt Biden regime - but the stupidity is not being called out by those who should do; ie opposition poiticians, and the media.

This suggests the ‘stupidity’ it is likely to get worse - or rather, that such transparent ruses will be used more widely.


“It’s Not About Trump”: American CJ Hopkins, Charged Again in Germany, Describes Global Censorship Effort


Obviously the case is all about dissent. That said, I’m off to Specsavers to have my eyes tested. I couldn’t see the frigging Swastika!!


Now you mention it neither could I - and I’ve recently been!
I needed help to see it. It’s barely visible on the mask.

I thought I’d seen it before, but I was probably remembering images articles like this - which showed examples that didn’t offend the Fuhrer state:

As the Racket article says the response was really to something the government (just like that of the UK and US in the other examples) didn’t like.

" C.J.’s real offense seems to be a response to a tweet by Die Welt, quoting German health minister Karl Lauterbach. Portrayed in full Sprockets- style smart-glasses glory, Lauterbach is shown saying, “The masks always send out a signal”:"

"C.J. retweeted the quote, adding the image from his book cover. That’s it, that’s the offense. No matter how you feel about that exchange, that is not “intended to further the aims of a former National Socialist organization.” That is using the negative connotations of Nazism to criticize a currently serving government official. "



I well remember a local second-hand book dealer telling me that anything with a swastika on it would get sold sooner or later, regardless of the content.

The image from CJH’s book cover is more like a watermark. As he states, it is creating an association between masking up and obeisance to totalitarian “for your safety” measures that pisses off the authorities. They’re appealing simply because they can, and to underline that if you do piss them off they can make life uncomfortable… pour encourager les autres.