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Eva Bartlett's vox-pop survey in Donetsk city flushes the West's lies on the referenda

Note to Si and Everyman: I acknowledge your stance that we can actually be sure of knowing very little with any deserved certainty, outside of our own lying-eyes direct personal experience; and even there, only with caution.

To cope with this reality when trying to look at the doings of the great world, I’m forced to use a percentage system for guestimating a source’s reliability. In Eva’s case, I consider that she’s earned a very high percentage trust rating. I didn’t see any anti-referendum, anti-enosis remarks, so it could be that she’s selecting only the positive speakers. But look at them! If you can’t trust these obviously normal, reasonable, truth-telling plebs, then who will you trust?


Eva is headstrong but broadly quite fair, I think. I quite like the transparent boxes for ballots, symbolically they chime nicely.

Transparent ballot boxes are an amazing contribution to total transparency in elections. It’s a pity that she didn’t show more of the process once a polling station closes. That said, I couldn’t see any hanging chads :rofl:

Eva Bartlett is one of the very very few who reports on the ground so thanks for posting.

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