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Euthanasia: Canadian Beta Test grinds on

… official title being Medical Assistance In Dying.

The actual figures on take-up are within the Fourth Annual Report kindly issued by the KKKanadian gov.


I think people should have the choice of ending their own suffering and I’m glad Canada has this. My brother in law who had Lewy Body dementia chose MAID and died at age 68 on his own terms with the people who he wanted present. It was a long process to sign up for it with a lot of strict rules before he could be accepted. As it turned out, by the time he left us his decline had become very fast and the person he wanted to be was in the past.

Those who don’t want it don’t have to do it. I don’t think people who are against it based on religious or philosophical beliefs about who should control one’s life, should be able to make others suffer when their suffering is only going to get worse.

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