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E's almost gorn!

Sholz that is. Watch from 1 hour 7 minutes in.

It’s also worth watching for a few more minutes after that where Mercouris talks about the British trying to blame Putin for Johnson’s torpedoing of the Russia/Ukraine peace deal in early 2022!


1 down, another 500 to 1,000 to go! To avoid any confusion, the entire Davos crowd, plus quite a few others, including that lover of freedom Elon Musk!

Interesting though that the totally corrupt German ‘justice’ system, has finally stood up to corruption and injustice.

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I’ve been wondering when this would catch up with Boris. I don’t think the usual big boys did it and ran away will cut it somehow. They’ll have seen this too;

Wonder how they will blame Putin for this?


Alex M looks really knackered.

Regarding Scholz, did he think that famous overheard Victoria Nuland line was some kind of prank…?The EU, and Germany especially, have been done up like a kipper.

There was a time, not even all that many months ago, when I thought that USA was shaming other NATO members, not least Germany, into donating arms to Ukraine by taking the lead. I’ve subsequently wondered if even half the US armaments promised ever arrived there in the first place.

An Abhrams (sp?) tank, supposedly your state of the art, has still not been seen, from what I can gather. At least two or three dozen were supposedly provided. The current rhetoric is that it is such a heavy vehicle that it would be unwise to deploy during the mud season. But just you wait until things ice up.

What if there are hardly any of the things there in the first place…? NATO wonder weapons have been exposed as expensive but shoddy crap so many times already. Russian stuff is designed with function in mind, US stuff with profits for the maker as the real driver. Those $80 washers etc.

I can’t verify the image shown but enjoyed the BTL commenter who said that the jammed image should have been manipulated to look like a shovel.

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