Emersberger gets ratioed about his Covid booster, I confess to schadenfreude

Emersberger used to hound me on MLMB, in a quite intellectually dishonest way, in my mind, for posting antiwar stuff from Ron Paul and other libertarians like Justin Raimondo. I never promoted USA style libertarianism, but I did promote their antiwar activities and opinions.

Anyway, so I was amused to scroll down the comments after he posted this in response to Abby Martin’s post about getting covid:

Emersberger (two tweets): Had my booster days before I got it. Very painful cough all first night. Third day was headache. Slept most of day with ice pack on my head. Day 4 headache gone, runny nose major symptom. Weak feeling in legs but no leg pain in early days. Get well soon. Very glad I was fulled vaxed or I’m sure this would have been way worse. It sucked but was never tempted to go to ER. Got my booster about 1-2 weeks after I was eligible. I wonder if that delay made my symptoms worse than otherwise wld have been

Me: How can you be sure it would have been worse without the vaxx and the booster? Is there any way of proving that?

A selection of other responses:

you say “Got my booster about 1-2 weeks after I was eligible. I wonder if that delay made my symptoms worse than otherwise wld have been”

did you wonder if getting the booster made your symptoms worse?

Superstitious nonsense. I just had it too and am unvaccinated. It was a pretty standard winter illness. I thought leftists were meant to oppose big pharma, not do PR for them.

That’s ridiculous. You got covid and the symptoms that go with it. What exactly did the vaccine do? Don’t understand how you’re glad you took the vaccine and went through the same shit if you hadn’t. Chances are if unvaccinated you have 99% plus of survival. Risk to benefit?

You’re symptoms would have been exactly the same. Omicron is vaccine evasive and the shots did nothing to help ease your symptoms. Sorry for the truth

You’re ASSUMING that the vax kept it from being worse. Your symptoms sound just like mine, and I’m unvaxxed. Never had to go to Dr. Only knew it was Covid due to loss of taste/smell.

You would not have felt or suffered anything if you did not Vax, you are feeling sick because of the vaccine

Are you nuts! For most people it’s a mild illness regardless of vaccine status. Sounds like you had it worse than many and yet still you believe the jab has saved your life. UNBELIEVABLE!!

When you can’t do basic maths and repeat the propaganda parrot fashion

Typical clown remark , glad l took the vaccines, it could of been worst. It could of actually got you sick , because most getting omicron are vaccinated, looks like Omicron is seeking the vaccinated, just facts, yes lucky you were vaccinated.

“very glad I was fully vaxxed” Jesus, the soy in this one.

You can’t really be this stupid?


Hi @Everyman , this whole covid thing has produced so many strange mental gymnastics. I was shopping locally for a birthday present today. I had to ring a door bell to get in the shop, I had to make a positive claim to be exempt from a mask and then was asked whether I was jabbed, I said I would never touch them as no-one is giving us the full information. It was then an uphill struggle to actually buy what I went in for. As I paid for it I was told that they could not take it back if it was the wrong size because of covid! Words failed me, I didn’t want to worry the heavily masked salesperson as I had just been told how difficult it was for that person being deaf with everyone being masked, so I said nothing else.