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Elon Musk: Social media platform X, formerly Twitter, could go behind paywall

"Do you remember when you joined X? I do! #MyXAnniversary Am I to celebrate being charged to use #X


? How are you going to make it fair for users for whom even a small charge would represent a significant % of their income? How do you justify exploiting the service?" …

“You hold account holders hostage, people who may never have opened accounts had they known you were a) Going to end up owning #Twitter & b) Going to charge when you did. Developing World and State Benefit claimant acc. holders in the Developed rely on #X to give them a voice!”

"Typical “Yank” egalitarianism is just window dressing! #thefullyverifiedgoose


(pls. also see prev.) https://arafel.co.uk/2023/05/promoting-elitism.html #Arafel #ElonMusk"

"“Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind!” #ButlerianJihad #AI #LoS #FrankHerbert #Dune #BotCheck

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": https://twitter.com/Williamtheb/status/1704405539029963013



He is surely taking the Mick? Boutique Twitter would survive, but not much else. Personally I would not miss it for long but X can be a quick way of seeing what’s news without looking at news. OTOH open a search engine but type nothing in, you soon see the trending nonsense.


Whenever I develop any competence using a platform some spotty-faced nerk pulls the rug out from under my feet and changes something…you’re like…following them around with a shovel…


Good point, how many abandoned blogs there must be out there

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