Dystopian Implosion of Contemporary Capitalism

Prof Fabio Vighi is on the money, pun intended, right here:


Schematically put, what seems to be happening is this:

The Limits To Growth are now biting noticeably, seriously screwing up capitalism’s continuous, blind, hopeless-addict thrust for profit.

So, the gic class does what it always does in times of evaporating general prosperity: they screw the ever-deluded bourgeois, and the poor, especially the weakest and most easily screwed poor, to safeguard and - as they hallucinate - to continue to grow their own dragon hoards, and the hopeless-addicts’ fix of ever more WealthPowerStatus which the hoarding gives them; futilely of course, as addiction-feeding always is. But psychopaths will continue to psycho; till we restrain them physically.

The hoards are, obviously, largely notional, composed for the major part of nothing much beyond paper certificates and computer pixels; and an actually-worthless ‘derivatives’ hyper-bubble. This hallucinated ‘wealth’ is destined to vanish away - chaotically - like morning mist in sunshine, as The Limits (eco-geophysical processes beyond the power of humans to control, or even to manage noticeably), continue to tighten their grip.

Meanwhile, the plebs continue to awaken (led by those of us who happen to be the hypnotic-induction-resistant thirty percent) from the deceitful entrancement foisted on us by what Anna de Buisseret and her military acquaintance describe as “a military-grade psyops war against the public”, and the mass-hypnosis state that this assault has induced in the more hypnosis-susceptible. Scamdemic terror-porn as trance-induction: works powerfully, dunnit? But like all hypnosis: only for a while.

This awakening is scheduled to grow imminently, as real, actual hardship, such as younger generations have never experienced, starts to puncture the constant, soft ease/comfort/convenience/over-prosperity/‘safety’ bubble in which the Pampered Twenty Percent of the world’s human populace have become accustomed to live.

Food riots are the customary detonators which usually shift this growing awakening over into active, physical resistance. As real shortages and impossibly-large price rises in absolute essentials begin to thrust us, the hoi-polloi, into genuine and immediate deprivation (you know: the real thing, such as we PTP-ers could only see hitherto in places like Mumbai or Kolkata), angry disorder spreads and begins to threaten seriously the ability of the gics and their thug forces to keep control of the situation. Danger of widespread disruption, civil war and revolution grows. Empty food shops, heating fuel shortages, and the on-coming of Winter are the repeated causes of October Risings and Revolutions…

We’re rushing towards the threshold of this next phase right now, as the scamdemic is visibly losing traction with we plebs. Meanwhile, its proposed replacement - the constantly-revised X in the threadbare mantra “only X years left to save the Earth from climate catastrophe” - fails also to gain traction, being largely scoffed out of credibility by most of the common citizenry, outside the delusion-bubble of the over-uni-ed technocrats and their bourgeois Fraudianista, Beeb-trusting penumbra of troobleevers.

The climate will be changing; it always is; and human atmospheric-overloading shenanigans are doubtless adding to the instability. How would it not, even with green life-forms working overtime to eat up and re-sequester the bonus of extra atmospheric CO2, as they are? But we are simply unable to raise either the psychological will or the technical capability to control it. And beyond the troobleever tranche of Greta-ish naifs, we’re bored with the constant alarums about it. ‘Che sera, sera!’ say the shrugging, disaffected bulk of us.

So, once the psyops mass-hypnosis efforts begin to fail, what else holds the restless plebs in compliant quietude?

I’m really glad that I’ve been buying and distributing to my close family authentic, physically-possessed gold coins; whilst also assisting them in learning the hands-on skills of subsistence food growing right where they live. Those preparations, together with the cherishing and maintaining of the perennial bonds of human solidarity between us within our own immediate clans, are about the best we can do in getting ready for the further unfolding of these Interesting Times.

Despair is inappropriate, though. It’ll take a while, but we shall get through it, after the Interestingness has subsided - again. Ask the I Ching: these things are always coming and going, yinyang-style… :wink: :slight_smile:

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Puts it very neatly. The part that confused me for a few years was all the new little boxes being thrown up. I couldn’t work out who would be able to afford to buy them. A subprime mortgage bubble, again?

The hoards are, obviously, largely notional, composed for the major part of nothing much beyond paper certificates and computer pixels; and an actually-worthless ‘derivatives’ hyper-bubble. This hallucinated ‘wealth’ is destined to vanish away - chaotically - like morning mist in sunshine, as The Limits (eco-geophysical processes beyond the power of humans to control, or even to manage noticeably), continue to tighten their grip.

… But I’ve come to suspect that the mass theft of digital money during the flu d’etat was well timed for buying up all/most of the new little boxes, and renting them out to Down From Londoners, who can’t afford Smart City lifestyle. Each with their 2.3 cars, for now.

This has demonstrably happened in the US where the Cthulhus of the financial underworld have tentacles everywhere. And the asset strip of the 51st State continues apace.

Which hungry ghost will end up with all the trinkets? That’s the only game left for the vampire class.

Astonishingly their enablers in the professions cheer them on, for now.

First they were the latest wave of ‘I-want-one!’ consumerist bauble to dangle before us: a little box for - just about - everyone. Thank you, plebs, ker-everso-ching!

Then, as the worsening situation made the mortgage rackets ever more precarious because too many plebs could no longer afford the regular pints of blood to give to it, lots of foreclosed boxes available for nearly-nothing, for the gics to buy up and start using as rentier units. Mortgage-milking-style racket, Part 2.

My box is a steel one, afloat. Five and a half grand when I bought it in '93; another ten or so spent since on repair, refit, maintenance. Debt free freehold, with free mooring. One of those small holes in the mortg-rent racketeer’s net, that can be found, if you make magic to conjure one up… :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @KarenEliot , I’m trying my best to plough through the article and all his links and the links that have links but I’m drowning under all the techno-financial-academic verbiage and maths. I liked the link to Cabin lady’s September 2019 exquisite foresight under the title “someone guessed” - her latest is worth a quick 4 minutes:

Unless I leave out the second layer of links I guess I will be sound asleep at the keyboard before my reply hits the screen …zzzzz :wink:


PS I should have given at least one example, here is the tiniest: in his linked article A self-fulfilling prophecy 16th August 2021 I toiled for some time over this sentence:
“Capitals head for financial markets because the labour-based economy is increasingly unprofitable. How did we get to this?”

  • until I saw the misplaced “s”!

PPS Once I understand it I enjoy it, it maybe just takes me a little bit longer than others. :sweat:

Hi again @KarenEliot , I’ve just finished the article you linked to as well as 2 of his articles in August and October and I’ve definitely changed my perspective - his work is absolutely brilliant, it just takes a little bit of effort and the odd dictionary. (Although I still don’t recommend the links into articles from the Bank of International Settlements unless you’ve studied this stuff.)

I missed most of 2019 and 2020 and so I haven’t focussed on the essential economic ingredients of this current nightmare, as for most people the magician’s right hand waving his big red hanky drew my attention away from his devious leftie. These articles bring all the moving parts into synch.

I would take an additional leap, the jab has been used by the eugenics block to solve the surplus population problem. Once the jabbers cover Africa and reluctant Asian countries the booster jabs will be wiping out the surplus quicker than you can say midazolam.

Thanks for the post.



I too balked a bit at the hypothesis that the quaxines are as much about population-cull by stealth as about money-gouging: spread out excess deaths so that the hoi-polloi never notice it; and at the same time subject a whole generation of rising youngsters to lifelong infertility. Now, though, the idea becomes steadily more persuasive.

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It is rather dense, yes, but I was content with getting the general sense and left most of the links and linked links, etc, well alone. I’d read his stuff before, which certainly helped.

There’s a lot of generalisations in Vighi’s text, and I have no doubt economists of various stripes would pull apart some of what he says. But economists are full of shit.

More than two years ago it was being predicted, particularly on ZeroHedge, that a very big stunt was on the way. So CronyVirus was not a complete surprise hereabouts. This is not to suggest every step of this was planned, power doesn’t work that way, nor does it need to.

Vighi draws upon Agamben, who draws upon Foucault, in placing biopolitics at the centre of his analysis. Simon Elmer has done the same. These are the folks making all the most cogent arguments imho, but that’s not forgetting the stolid research of Iain Davis (nor some of our peers on this discussion board). The latter are doing a fine job of falsifying the established narrative but unfortunately, the more time goes by, the more scaffolding is erected with which to support the whole Biosecurity State edifice.

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Hi @KarenEliot all edifaeces of this variety eventually topple over, the speed of the collapse will depend ultimately on the numbers and intent of the have-nothing-to-lose tribe. All we can do is keep informing people of what they are in danger of becoming by consenting to their own oppression.


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The global economy collapsed (yet again) when the repo market collapsed in September 2019. ‘They’ had the ‘covid crisis’ on hand to cover this nervous breakdown of an utterly corrupt and unstable system that’s been in intensive care for the last decade. The drip into the arm has been eye-watering sums of tax payer’s money.

I disagree with Fabio, in that he appears to think that covid is just another scam to keep the banksters afloat. I suppose it is in one sense, yet I feel it’s a lot more sinister than that.

Two things:

  1. these ‘health measures’ are being carried out globally, in lockstep, regardless of the supposed ideologies of a myriad of nations.

  2. the clownish desperation to get everyone on the planet Earth jabbed. The deadline here seems to be the end of this year.

I won’t speculate further, but I do like a bit of music…

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