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Natural immunity is 13 times more protective against infection, 27 times more protective against symptomatic disease and at least 8 times more effective against future hospitalisation. Why am I totally unsurprised by this news I wonder? That’s natural immunity compared with people who allowed themselves to be poisoned by Big Pharma - a global conglomerate that’s received $35.7 billion* in penalties between 1991 and 2015 alone. These facts should have been publicly debated and included in informed consent notices; but of course no informed consent was given.

(*link further below).

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Hi @Rich . I think I’ve commented on Campbell before. He really is a gatekeeper protecting the corrupt, lying government officials and their cronies by implying it was all a massive mistake. Take just two examples.

At 7 minutes he asks, “Do you see any tensions …”. He is referring to two studies showing natural immunity is better by far than vaccines and the NHS claim that, “Convid-19 vaccination has a proven safety record and it gives you better protection than any immunity gained from a previous infection.” Tensions?

At 9 minutes he claims the real problem is, “Lack of trust is the big problem here. To get the trust back we really have to admit we were wrong …”. No one was wrong! They all just lied to protect their jobs, enrich themselves, secure their future career prospects, etc. They all went along with the globalist agenda.

This video reminds me of the Convid enquiry. To quote from this article in Off Guardian, “What the “Covid Inquiry” would have you believe is that an international wave of lockdowns was some kind of happenstance. An avalanche of coincidences. Dozens of ethnically diverse little Dominic Cummings clones, all making the exact same mistakes for the exact same reasons at the exact same time in almost every nation of the world.”

Late edit: Claiming he has to tread lightly to protect his YouTube channel is a weak, weak cop out and just does not cut it in my book. Protecting YouTube is almost as bad as protecting the globalists minions.

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I don’t believe he’s a gatekeeper Pat, not consciously that is. I think he’s just naive and late to the party. Someone who was taken in by the charlatans, had some jabs and later on realised he’d made a terrible mistake. I know and have personally met and meet loads of people who are just like him; people who tell me they wish they’d never had the jabs. Many have been injured or know someone who’s died. One aquaintance is furious about the jabs he had but still gets his info from the MSM and thinks the Ukies are winning the war in Ukraine! Campbell still can’t bring himself to believe that the jabs are a deliberate mass murder and maiming scenario. He’s still new to this and like so many it’s too much and too horrible to take in at the moment. I noted the “lack of trust” bit and thought those of us who are awake and never had the jabs will NEVER trust the government and big Pharma ever again. I stopped trusting them eons ago. Even Campbell said he would have “run a mile” if he’d known that 1 in 35 people would get miocarditis. Loads of people posting on YT are careful of their language. It comes with the territory. YT has the biggest audience so it’s either play the word game or your message doesn’t go out. Alexander Mercouris won’t say the word Nazi and uses phrases like “people in 1930’s Germany” or something like that. He’s on Rumble a lot and doesn’t want to upset them either. Campbell may or may not “get it” in the end i.e. that it wasn’t a “mistake” etc. A lot of people have long forgotten about the non-existent WMD in Iraq. Someone told me today that Iran has nuclear weapons. Oh dear, here we go yet again.

Hello @Rich Well, it seems it’s not just me who has a strong distaste for John Campbell. Listen to Polly (she used to be called something else but I’ve forgotten the name she used). Here she is calling out Campbell and Weinstein for their ‘conversion’ from lockdown nazis to Convid dissidents.

Amazing Polly iirc

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I remember watching a video from Polly in 2020, and was impressed by her digging and the connections she was making. The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket.
I haven’t seen her since but she said she’d been doing other stuff than making videos.
When people do cross the floor from the one side to the other (as Weinstein and Campebell seem to have done) they will leave a trail of what seems, with hindsight, bad advice. Those calling it out earlier are entitled to be unimpressed, and vocalise it!

But it’s a big further step to surmise that’s what they were doing all along, I would say that needs to be backed up by recent evidence that they are still, deliberately, performing a limiting function on behalf of the GICS; as they weren’t the most radical people to begin with, it would be all too easy to think every limitation is proof of a hidden force being exerted.
Polly, perhaps on the lookout for broomsticks, says Weinstein spent ten minutes extolling the elegance of the vaccines but that wasn’t an accurate description of the way it was. Weinstein did say he thought they were elegant - which in a science way they are, with their genetic codes and fancy delivery systems - but that brief moment was a ‘despite’ clause.
I didn’t see any gatekeeping going on in Weinstein’s interview with Carlson, or anything limiting. Just a lot of clarity as to the nature of the forces and what they seemed to be up to. To me he was saying too much that was too useful, to be functioning as a deliberate gatekeeper. Why would he be paid to do this? He wasn’t limiting anyone.

Campbell’s selling point seems to be his apparent sincerity. Naivety and all, you seem to get what you see. I think we probably know what to look out for if he’s going to turn out to be ‘gatekeeping’; inexplicably bad and incomprehensibly trusting advice following his gradual Damascene conversion. I’ll wait and see.

I sympathise with where Polly is coming from, having made her calls in the game very early and, I think, been proven at least mostly correct.
She does seem like someone who believed, probably rightly, that she deserved to be heeded more than some others who she must have thought were at best naive fools.
But I think the initial platform and reach that people start with stands them in good stead for doing a half turn or two, without losing their following. Might be unfair, but it’s just the nature of the game.

Synchronicity or what?

Talking of Polly St. George, she amazed us more than 2 years ago when she read out a letter they had received (in Toronto or nearby) from an outfit called ‘Next Door’. It was the same letter we had received that same day (in the High Peak) from ‘Richard’ who purported to live somewhere on the longest residential street in the area.

‘Next Door’ in the UK, we discovered, had a boiler room address in London and operated all over Europe (to help people find their car keys and warn each other about the imminent arrival in the neighbourhood of dodgy looking strangers with Manchester accents etc.)

We had assumed the idea was to have a local online snitchers’ charter (‘restrictions’ were ‘in place’) while harvesting lots of lovely data. Polly and her fella thought so too on the very same day. (Just one more extraordinary coincidence to entertain us in our declining years.)