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Don't you just love 'democracy'

Ursula von der Crazy has just visited the UK. Ursula von der Crazy is the head of the EU and has not been elected by anyone (not surprising if you look into her past).

Ursula von der Crazy met with Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime minister, another little twat who has never been elected to office.

Ursula von der Crazy then went on to meet King Charles III, and of course King Charles is yet another little twat who has never been elected to office.

I think I need to make myself a strong cup of tea…


The point I’m trying to make here is how we allow unelected people to wield huge powers over our lives.

Answers on a postcard, please…


Answers on a Kalashnikov please.

It’s occurred to me that Mr.Ryans activities were not because he was unstable.

Rob, we don’t allow it. It is corruption. Conspiracy even. Conspiracy being two or more people meeting to commit crime. We’re in the land of the lotus eaters. Carlin observed several decades ago that nobody notices, nobody cares.

What do you do in this situation? Continue to stress over people’s inability to see? Waste of energy, unhealthy and a poor way to spend your time. I’m not advocating right wing thought here, but you need to put yourself first.

There’s a local refuse company nearby, and on every wagon is the slogan

Love a lot
Trust a few
But always paddle your own canoe

Don’t capsize. They’re not going to come online until way too late. Every chance they’ll take it out on each other when they do.

Find a distraction if you don’t wish to plan. Nature (already pretty etc) has taken on a whole new meaning to my wife and I since 2020.

If it’s a test (as has been mentioned), then this is just another step in the charade. If it’s end of days, then those stolen moments will be all the sweeter.

Stay safe


Amen to that - though I entirely take Rob’s point. I’m not sure that the elected are any more worthy than the selected, mind you.

While the well-known saying attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr applies here…

… I cannot shake the notion that stoicism gives evil-doers a free pass to keep on doing what they always do.


Elections alone aren’t much use, unless there is a potent constitutional guarantee, enforced by an uncorrupted judiciary (hah!), preferably backed up by plebeian grand-jury-action - plus a population traditionally-prone to rising up in active disorder against abuses of power (with as part of the constitution “the right to keep and bear arms”) - to haul the electees back before routine tribunals of many good folk and true, to answer for their actions; at any and all times. And if that makes the buggers sweat, well, that’s part of the job-description. Get used to it or get out.

Britain, of course, has never been a democracy to any meaningful degree within its entire historical vista; only - for barely a century - an English-raj-class-managed sham that fools enough of us enough of the time. Dobbin Woodentop, naturally, fits into that like a rat into water. The perfect ‘spare’ placeman for an always-raj-obedient duopoly system: now official Tory plus barely-crypto tory ex-Labour. ‘Sir’, and sometine DPP, FFS! Some ‘Labour’ man!


When the referendum about Brexit was coming up, I argued with almost everyone I knew that Brexit just gets us away from the Council of Europe. Regardless of ones opinion on western democracy and UK voting systems, having all unelected twats (h/t) making the key decisions for us was the key reason I voted exit. Nearly 50% of the UK population, it seems, like being ruled by unelected twats.


It was well before Brexit. Maastricht, probably even before then. It creeps.

I voted out, and I’m gonna confess why for the first time. To bring down the rotten edifice. Hasn’t quite panned out how I planned it (didn’t realise just how spineless EU leaders are), but…

They had gone out and bought a rope, tied a noose and hung it, put the chair underneath and started rocking back and forward. I kicked the chair out.

It satisfies me still now. From watching Dave cry, through a series of PMs and now we see Rishi put his foot right in it. The frothing remainers will have a stroke over this ( such a selfish, arrogant bunch). And I’ll keep chuckling at the gift that keeps on giving.

Voting for change is a waste of time. Vote for shits and giggles instead! Next one will be voting Tory for the GE. I’ll be facing questions from my ancestors if I do, but I’m sure they’ll understand when I explain.

For the record, 50% don’t want the unelected ruler part. The other part is willing to take that as a cost, ends justify means. Then there’s the small slice that are angry because they can’t take their dog skiing…


A good point. Though I think the problem has gone much beyond being elected and beyond politics too. The (nominally) elected leaders and law-makers, by and large here in the West, don’t seem to represent the people they’re meant to represent at all. They either represent corporate power, entities like the WEF, their own greed, or some combination of these. There’s no consequence for failure, none for breaking your election promises, none for telling lies, none for ignoring criminal behaviour. There’s only a consequence if you dare to upset this facade.

But it’s not just in politics, I get the impression it’s happening across all sorts of institutions, most definitely in academia. The upper management of universities and schools within universities likewise wield great power, deciding on a whole swathe of things that were, until barely a couple of decades ago, all determined by academics. Something called academic freedom. Things like how many hours should be spent weekly on lectures, how much must be assessed by continuous assessment, how many firsts, 2.1 etc. to hand out, what standards to keep. And, just as for the politicians, there’s no consequence if any of their schemes turns out to be a failure.

From what I hear, similar things happen in social work and I suspect in the health services. We’re not in a good place.

Time for a glass of wine or go into nature (good idea LocalYokel), or both…


May as well vote tory if you’re going to take part in the Paedominster charade at all, L. Either wing - official Tory or ex-Labour - of the mono-party that’s permitted by the ruling ‘elite’ in Britain to form the ‘elite’s’ showboat ‘government’ is equally tory. All the other partyettes dangled hypnotically before voters in England every half-decade or so are simply window-dressing, never allowed actually to govern.

As Willem points out, the monoparty is only ever responsible to the ‘elite’. We plebs simply aren’t allowed the ability to hold them properly to account. We live in a pretend ‘democracy’.

In the Celtic countries of Britain, the nationalist parties are kept carefully fangless and ballsless, by compradors such as Sturgeon, but mainly by the operation of the ‘elite’s’ total control of the information and propaganda system: the Permanent Bullshit Blizzard; and their tight control - through their Paedominster trusties - of the main financial flows.

There was a brief window, after 1945, when the ‘elite’ retreated a little and were forced to allow a period - '45 till '79 and the rise of Thatcher - when a mild amount of socialist policy was granted to we plebs, in order, as Churchill warned his fellow ‘elitists’, to stave off the threat of revolutionary uprising by all the bloodied, battle-hardened WW2 veterans returning home, and threatening a repeat of the Spanish Civil War in Britain. ‘Definitely NO return to the 1930s!’ was the steadfast determination of my father’s generation of plebs.

But by the time of the rise of the Bitch of Grantham, we plebs had been lulled back to sleep, by “never had it so good” prosperity, composed equally of genuine social improvements and a flood of (profitable-to-business) baubles, and by the PBB.

Since then ‘democracy’ in Britain has been a non-stop charade - leading to the flailing pissmire that we wade through now: all the wealth from North Sea oil whisked away into the dragon-hoards of the multi-billionaire globalist oligarchs (courtesy of the Bitch doing the bidding of her Washington masters), with - unlike Norway’s sovereign wealth fund - nothing to show for it.

Sure, vote for one or other of the tory wings if you like. What difference will it make? In a certain wrong-headed way, I quite look forward to the upcoming time of the Long Descent. At least it will guarantee some sort of long-overdue revolutionary upheaval here.


No difference at all most likely. It’s a charade. But;

  1. We plebs owe Starmer (the chosen one) what he’s done to us.

  2. Tories are useless. Seems the establishment knows this. Brexit has harmed them, why not more idiots in charge?

A man has to grab every ray of sunshine. Frying pan or fire, makes no difference. I’d just appreciate a chuckle as it happens


Willem, Sandi Adams does a very good job of explaining it all. Adams was a corporate insider, having worked for the likes of Google and Microsoft (where she met Bill Gates). If interested here’s a recent interview that James Delingpole did with her…


Don’t have time for videos. Went straight to the horses mouth.

That’s going to take a day or two to process.

A note to this. I live in social housing. I’m well aware that I’m fortunate. When we inspected the house (ten years ago) there was a gas feed in the kitchen for the cooker. When we moved in, it was capped…

This has been creeping in for decades.

…and shamelessly so. When Dobbin Woodentop (h/t) was asked by E Maitliss, ‘Davos or Westminster’? His quick-as-a-flash response, ‘Davos’, whilst at least being honest, was utterly outrageous - yet Maitliss just laughed, as though she’d enquired about his favourite colour or something. Obviously, an actual journalist would have skewered him and pointed out that the Trilateral (you plebs have too much democracy so we’ll wrest some of it back thank you) man, Starmer just brazenly said it out loud - but then Maitliss and Dobbin work for the same firm.

Post-New Labour, the open contempt for us has become evermore evident - any semblance of a genuine adversarial politics has vanished - as Rhis notes, the ‘mono-party’ that has always held sway is now glaringly plain to see…for those with eyes…

A great thread folks.


I liked Sandi and James’ chat because of the jokes - though they didn’t think they were joking: “There’s no over-population”, “Oil is abundant, there’s no prospect of shortages”, and so on. Had to stop watching about then because I was in danger of wetting myself. :rofl:

Seems that no-one anywhere is ever totally free of blind-spots. Pity. Since his Road-to-Damascus experience James has done some good anti-bullshit work. But this interview was a complete dud.

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Rhis, I had an inkling that you wouldn’t like the Delingpole and Adams interview. I no longer put in the caveat that I don’t agree with everything said in the vids I post. I post them because I like it when ideas are bounced around. I find Sandi Adams good in that respect because she’s very practical and doesn’t get into lizard creatures territory.

With regard to over-population, I suppose we’ll find out this year, and into 2024, whether they really have murdered at least half of the human race.

Covid vaccine injury and death is already the biggest crime in history, and we’re only just getting into 2023, two years after the vaccines were starting to be administered. Most highly qualified medical bods are saying that everyone who has had this crap injected into them will most likely be dead within five years.

I should add to that, the first shot won’t necessarily get you (from what we know, because there were a lot of placebos). It’s further booster shots that appear to do the most damage.

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We’re over populated. But not really how those Malthusian bastards like to portray.

Look into retirement numbers for 2050. There’s gonna be a lot of retirees. Either Italy or Japan is looking at 40% of their population being over 65. That’s real bad news for any country. This is the reason for depopulation. They don’t want the bill.


True enough, L. But there’s more to it than just elder-euthanasia - which is obviously now quietly in play in the ‘care’ homes.

I think I sense a split too in the hospitals, between those staff who take their Hippocratic Oath seriously, and those who look at all the ancient decrepit wrecks - like me - who stumble through their facilities, and who think quietly to themselves: ‘Does keeping these poor old things alive really make all that much sense, especially in a time like ours?’

And actually, I agree with them: does it? Plenty of earlier cultures have embraced the reasonable idea that when times are hard, and an elder has reached the end of being able to contribute anything useful to the clan, then maybe it’s time - as Inuit elders were known to do - to go voluntarily and sit on an ice-floe and drift out to sea, there to be cleared away by the bears and the fishes, eventually.

And, as that conversation between Nate Hagens and Professor William Rees makes clear - the link to which I keep posting (hint, hint!) - our absolutely over-riding, global problem right now is our current state of inherently, absolutely unsustainable ecological-overshoot.

This can’t go on; and it won’t. Overshoot is already staring us in the face, even those who persist in keeping their eyes tight shut, fingers in ears, and la-laing loudly, and we will be doing what it insists, willy nilly: getting by on MUCH less, and shrinking our numbers steadily, until the survivors are back in balance with the Earth’s life-support system.

We really have no choice about this. The cornucopianist fantasists, and their startrekkytechietechie faith-keeper buddies won’t face it. But their delusions make absolute-zero difference to the march of over-riding objective reality. It doesn’t give a tuppeny-feck about our twat-brained beliefs. :smile:

LocalYokel. Income tax was brought in at the start of WW1, as a ‘temporary measure’ to fund the war; and as I often point out, VAT (and all the tax equivalents in other countries) is paid at about 20%. You have to pay this tax on just about all goods and services you purchase, from the cradle to the grave, regardless of whether you’re a dustman or a Duke.

Elderly people have more than paid for their retirement whack.

This begs the question: what do our glorious leaders do with such huge sums of money?

Zelensky: give me another 10 billion dollars to keep the war going and save the children