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Do 'viruses' even exist? Does phlogiston? Seems the answer could be no in EACH case -

There was a time when leading scientists - and ‘The Science’ - were almost unanimous in believing the phlogiston theory of combustion - long since abandoned in favour of the theory of exothermic oxygenation of combustibles.

The covid swindle has stirred back into active life several basic questions which have been lurking on the fringes for a long time, such as the actual convincingly-demonstrable existence of any viruses at all; particularly the SARS-COV2 virus. The more questioners search for authentically-proven actual samples of this alleged pandemic pathogen, the more unicornian it seems to become. No-one seems able to provide an actual physical sample, in genuinely-purified form, and of convincing laboratory provenance.

When the scamdemic was launched, I believed easily in the idea that I’d imbibed all my life, that viruses were real, and often dangerous if they got into us. I had never even heard, throughout my whole education, of the ‘germ versus terrain’ controversy. That’s how complete the propaganda victory of germ theory had been. At least the scam has brought this crucial, basic question energetically back to life now. These scientists in good standing have a clear declaration to make about it:



vaxxxine sceptics are challenged with the argument "there is no evidence to demonstrate that event 1 - injection - is linked in any way with, let alone the cause of, adverse event 2.

The inferred link between virus and illness should indeed be able to stand up to similar challenges.

In his writings decades ago Szasz, in The Myth Of Mental Illness, pointed out that the paradigm of ‘illness’ relies upon some organic evidence: mutated cells. impaired lung capacity, spots on the skin, or what have you.

As we know, this is still damned**/heresy today… so I confess to some pessimism about Kaufman’s argument being respected.

A procession of the damned.
By the damned, I mean the excluded.
We shall have a procession of data that Science has excluded. Charles Fort, 1919 The Book of the Damned: 1

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Hi folks, even the “good guys” who are for a complete moratorium on the “vaccines” and at the very least none for the under 35’s, the covid survivors with natural immunity, women of child bearing age and the military - even these guys don’t believe it is necessary to pass the Koch postulates. They are usually virologists or immunologists - see the views of dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Robert Malone in this piece 20 minutes in:

Even Dr Zach Bush believes that Sars Corona Virus exists - he just regards the serious damage that happens to flow from the virus is through a combination with other toxic materials such as hydrogen cyanide and carbon 2.5 particulate matter in the environment turning it into a killer poison producing hypoxia. The virus combining with the other toxins enable the toxins to enter the body’s cells more easily.

And yet Kaufman &co are very convincing - it’s a puzzler for me as a complete novice on all things medical!

Of course the common sense logic seems to tell me that in the first place the spooks have created this thing in their labs through their GOF biological warfare research -, and since they know what’s in it and where it was released they know exactly what to look for!



Likewise. However, my primer that set me up to find terrain theory by far the stronger argument, was a video series called The History of Cancer. The first one or two episodes had details of how the Rothchilds usurped the 2,000 or so homeopathic hospitals and clinics in the US by the use of money into the medical establishment and medical teaching institutions.

After lots of personal study, reading, learning and unlearning, my favourite intro into viruses is Tom Barnett’s “Can You Catch A Virus”, link below, less than 12 minutes but well worth a watch, especially if you have a sense of humour.


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I’m sitting here thinking “but what about Freshers Flu”.

This is the demonstrable (or is it… I’ve never seen any stats) “outbreak” of illness among students, and staff, in the first few weeks of each academic year.

Supposedly the trigger is that people from all sorts of different backgrounds, and countries, but generally of comfy middle-class homogeneity, are mixing closely etc etc.

Now I’m thinking: maybe lots of people, by no means all, are detoxing (hence the illness) as a result of a major life change, missing their parents, home town, staying up late, getting lost on labyrinthine campuses, using all their energy for simian chatter (“making friends”) etc.

In the case of the staff the almost insane pressure of the lead-in to the beginning of the year begins to settle down by mid-October, the nights are drawing in, the winter coats come out, and the body figures “okay, time for a rest”.

Genuinely: mind blown.

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…and meanwhile, at the other end of the educational year, thousands of school teachers go down with ‘something’ at the start of the summer hols - a phenomenon that is capable of the same kind of explanation as the survival of ancient ailing people just long enough to celebrate that long-awaited family event/reunion. Perhaps we have more ‘control’ over our ‘viral infections’ than we are willing to admit. Or maybe we should be doing more ‘letting go’ along the way to avoid the build-up of whatever it is that these illnesses relieve us of…


The accepted route these days is training, er, sorry, personal development, sessions on resilience. Not quite “pull yourself together” but not very far away in my experience. Of course these days the whole thing is done via online learning. All the better to monitor who passed the derisory little quiz at the end, natch.