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Do cats really like opera..?

I think I’ve posted here before about how cats react to music, and in particular classical music.

Herricka has just had the left-overs from a chicken dinner, and normally she would crash out after eating and have a sleep.

But I’ve got Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffman blasting out and my little cat seems to be loving it. I can tell by the way her ears are pricked up and she’s alert and sitting close to the speaker.

One of my favourite parts of the opera is the beginning of Act Two, which features the Barcarolle, which is probably the most well-known musical piece in The Tales of Hoffman.

I was testing it out, to make sure it would sort of work in this post, and again Herricka was right there by the speaker, seemingly enjoying it…

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Maybe she would like some Mogwai? Glad you’re not playing Russian music to an impressionable feline, we must all do our best to break Putin /s

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Karen, in the strictures of this war time economy I signed-up Herricka to a theatrical agency. This was her first gig…

It was either that or put her down a coal mine or up a chimney.

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Cats of any description crossing the path are definitely bad luck if you’re a bit wobbly on your feet. The kitchen even more so where ours tends to come in and go out multiple times to hammer home the point that his bowl could do with refreshing.

I read somewhere that black cats are less likely to be adopted from rescue centres, poor things, and not just at Halloween.

Herricka is also a bugger for getting under your feet. I’ve heard it’s because cats are short-sighted?

Herricka got the remains of a haddock and chips dinner this evening; and as an aside, in my part of France food prices haven’t really risen much. On the otherhand, a litre of fuel at the pumps is starting to rise quite quickly (now more than 2 euros a litre for petrol).

I’m reading Thomas Paine’s The Rights of Man to Herricka, in case I’m forced to give my spare room to a Ukranian neo-nazi.

Oh, and Karen, I’m sure we’d all like to see a pic of your cat.


Oh I thought I had done so already.


That is very old but all I had in the files on this device.

Live photo, snoozing on sunny windowsill. He was chasing a cheese spread tub across the kitchen, which is pretty exhausting.


It looks like a very happy cat, and dare I say it, purrfect!