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Dmitry Orlov has just posted a new piece - on Moon rocks brought back by - er - various visitors

I really wish I could post the whole piece, because it’s quite short. But a subscription deal is a deal… It hinges around the awkward fact that both Russian and now Chinese robot ships have brought back around 200kgs of rocks in recent times. “So did we”, say the US - yet no-one has been allowed to see them in all this time, apart from tiny - er - samples (2 grams to Russia, 1 gram to China - sic! - heavily sealed in containers, and on the understanding that they must be returned in the same condition, without any loss of weight).

And now the US is demanding to see samples from the Chinese expedition, and - er - at the same time the US appears to be finding that their long-sequestered hoard has similar surprising characteristics as the Russian and Chinese scientists have been finding in their samples, and mischievously publishing their discoveries to the world - though we in the West may be forgiven for not having heard a great deal about this from our ever-truth-questing media…

As Dmitry ends his piece by saying: “This should be fun to watch!”

Was Kennedy’s killing a deep-state execution? Did the USAmericans ever land on the Moon? Do popes shit in the Sea of Tranquility. On one of these issues I consider the jury to be still out. But I think not for a great while longer. When the first Chinese or Russian robot ship (the only kind of vessels which seem to have solved the horrendous problems of how to survive in the dreadful conditions outside the Earth’s protecting near-space veil) takes the diplomatically fraught step of landing in the Sea of Tranquility, we should find some fascinating resolutions. As the US empire crashes, I imagine it will become steadily more geopolitically-possible to do that. Till then, OMS [mani padme hum] - open-minded scepticism rools, OK…!

Hahaha! Brilliant :slight_smile: