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Dissidents not permitted to attend Conference in Russia

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the headline I’ve chosen for this post was used in one or more of the trusted source rags this very day, to illustrate the threat to democracy under the Putin regime. (Pepper and salt with your own scare quotes btw.)

But…no… read on.

I heard of the Scott Ritter incident fairly quickly as it trended on Twitter/X but only on reading this article did I realise Andrew Napolitano had been prevented from attending the Conference in St Petersburg too.

Turns out that was a misunderstanding by Gilbert D.

Napolitano (‘Judge Nap’) did a podcast with Larry Johnson yesterday and said he had been hoping to attend the event but had to “change his plans”. Nevertheless, one US citizen prevented from leaving the country is a vile sign of the times.

Larry Johnson did make it to St. P. and was interviewed from there by Judge Nap.