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Did the Israeli legal team mislead the ICJ 8 times - detailed report here: Forensic architecture

Hi folks, this report is found behind MSM paywalls but the report fromt the authors is available as a pdf - I haven’t read the whole thing, but the RSA should try and sneak this into their comments on the Israeli “month report” handed to the ICJ which the RSA are still preparing.


  • this is highly damaging to Israel if presented to the ICJ.

We of course are not surprised that Governments lie particularly when accused of war crimes and genocide!


Great find @CJ1 . Hard to argue with the evidence, however at the ICJ, without ‘discovery’ South Africa had no chance to study and hence trash the ‘evidence’.

Of course Israehell lies all the time, but this report as good as it is, disregards the fact that Israehell is the fundamental cause of all of this and the Gazans are simply trying to break out of Israehells prison.

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Hi folks, RSA increasing the legal pressure on Israel yesterday:


I wish something would work. This situation is beyond horrible, and is laying the foundation for more of the same, in Palestine and elsewhere, and now and in the future. Once lines are crossed, there’s usually no going back…


I totally agree @JackieL , this post on TLN embeds a youtube of an interview which from 30:20 makes the same point as you do:



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Thanks for this. I’ll check it out.