COVID deaths plunge after major world city introduces ivermectin


Incredible isn’t it - six months since Pierre Kory testified and now we are in full VAXTHE WORLD mode and information about Ivermectin use is banished, while the fall it cases and deaths in India is ignored and the fall in the UK attributed to vaccinations rather than natural herd immunity (except in Bolton…)
I found this yesterday, after doing a search to try to find out why HCQ wasn’t being used in India - but it is, and along with Ivermectin has been responsible for controlling this new outbreak.

But WE now have the “Delta” variant, which could be up to 50% more infectious, and Tony Blair said that Vaccine passports wont be mandatory, but if you don’t have one you’ll not be able to go anywhere… This looks like a conspiracy, a new conspiracy, to vax the world whether it likes it or not. But against WHAT? !!