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COVID Boosters and Excess Mortality in 2022?

Haven’t checked this out.
Important analysis if sound…from Igor Chudov; a man who always seems to find the data he’s looking for.
A note of caution - Chudov only claims an association between boosters in countries and subsequent excess mortality in the countries appears iron clad. This doesn’t prove causation, but could be a big piece in the jigsaw.

PROVEN RELATIONSHIP: COVID Boosters and Excess Mortality in 2022

29 Countries Show Strong Association between “Booster Uptake” and “Excess Mortality”

Igor Chudov


I was queuing at medical practice this morning and inevitably you overhear everybody else’s private business. The gent next along was most put out not to have been invited for his combined flu-Covid jab and stressed several times that he’d “only had three… I waited for news of my Spring one but never heard a thing”. He didn’t quite say “I know my rights” but was definitely implying that he felt cheated out of his little share of the magick.

How easy it is to delude the overly-trusting into a self-destroying trance state… There really ought to be some sort of draconian restraint on that sort of ruthless manipulation; but - ‘quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’

This posted today on Twitter…

Well I guess the trend is moving down . . .

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Running out of suckers, perhaps, as the truth about the poison-stabs seeps out despite all the propaganda?

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