Cost and scaling up this board

Technology and costs
This board is created with open-source software called Discourse. That means that the software is free to use, and extensible at a later date if we choose.

To use it, we need a computer out on the web that runs the software and is accessible to the users. I have rented computer space to run this board from a company called Digital Ocean. I am using the smallest amount of computer space possible, and it will cost 5 US Dollars per month to rent.

I think that may be a bit too little, and the actual cost will probably be more, but my guess i that it will probably grow to about 20-30 USD per month as we grow.

Additionally, I picked a website name (called a domain name) - so that we have a memorable address to type in that takes us to this forum. That will cost something like 13 GBP per year to keep up. We could choose to keep that or replace it with something else as we see fit.

These costs are really not very much (13 quid a year + 10-30 dollars / month) but at some point I think it will be worthwhile discussing how we want to fund this community. I really would like it to feel like a mutually owned and managed space, so I would be open for a discussion about this at some point.

In the meantime, we have the space for 2 months for free anyway. So we have time to work things out!

Scaling out into the future
Given that we do have the domain name, I am thinking that in addition to this message board, we could also go on to host blogs or other activism later on down the line. The blogs could be lightly attached to the forum, to encourage discussion and participation.

I’m very keen to see what other ideas come out from discussions around this topic.

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Sounds good, and very happy to contribute substantially to this, with money I can’t spend while stuck in Prison Australia.


Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I think it’s important that we all get to a point of feeling a joint ownership for whatever we end up making.

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I’m also happy to contribute funds.


thanks all. My feeling is that once we are spending real moolah (whether here or boardhost) at some stage I’ll set up a GoFundMe or similar and set the target to be whatever the annual cost is, and whoever feels like contributing can do so.

At a guess, I’d think that once we are full(ish) speed that would be between (20 to 30)*12 = 240-360 USD / year.

If we can foster a co-operative style spirit of ownership and moderation (plus more active moderation for those who will persist in trolling…) then I think we can build something worthwhile is an example of the kind of site this could grow into. Some interesting original content, and a message board built on exactly the same platform as ours.

Go and have a scout around to see what it could look like here. If that doesn’t look good, then let me know!

I am also willing to contribute to funding the board. Thanks for setting it up and running it.

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Welcome to the board @JackieL! It’s great to have you here. Looking forward to chatting :slight_smile:

Happy to be here! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking forward to some good chats, some nice music, and a more chilled out space to share. Thanks for being here.

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