Corporate lawyers take the pfiss globally: the Mafia contract that screws us all no matter what Pfiz gives us!

I came across this little gem which may or may not be true but has all the hallmarks of corporate legaleeze.

It explains that no matter how pfiss poor the product is and no matter what it does to people each State has to pay up and make sure no laws can apply to affect Pfizer.

So if States discover that ivermectin works a million times better than pfizer’s stuff and with no side effects at a cost 1000% below pfizer’s stuff - States still have to pay up. Oh and you can’t reveal any of this, particularly the bit that says the price per dose is $12 in one State but $19 per dose in the US!

it references:

which is more widely known.

I get the feeling that Big Pharma will soon be wondering whether their jab will leave anyone in the world unharmed which may ultimately lead to its own demise as they will have killed off their customer base! Maybe it’s time for them to produce the real magic bullet “Pfizermectin” perhaps!


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I saw a report recently that those crooks have already got some oral dose - call it pfizermectin for a laff - which they’re huckstering to the ‘regulatory’ puppets, to start pushing it to everyone later this year, children included natch.

Also naturally, it’s a proprietary, patented lash-up, and naturally it’s much costlier than the generic. Also, of course, we don’t know what else is in it…

Stick with - real - ivermectin by mouth, at the doses that the real doctors using it against covid-like ills have already published. Already field-proven previously for years, with many billions of doses taken, to be strikingly effective against a number of ills, and to have only small, manageable adverse effects. Like hydroxychloroquine for malaria being also well-proven, and with manageable safety.

The best magic bullet, in my reckoning, would be one which disables Big Ph chieftains for life, so that they are obliged to retire from active work, and live in ‘care’ homes, with all their wealth confiscated to the public purse. Personally, I’d draw the line at giving them the euthanasia-by-trankOD which has been doled out to many geriatric elders by the crypto-mengeles running the ‘care’ homes. Vengefulness is to be avoided as far as maybe…

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