Copy of a btl comment I have just posted below bMoA's post today

I wonder whether it will be subjected to b’s censorship of any posts questioning the reality of the covid scam? We’ll see! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The b article is this one:

My response:


I’m unvaccinated, and will remain so. Not only for ‘covid’ but for all the other ills which vaccination is supposed to defeat. You could call me a moderate anti-vaxer; moderate because I acknowledge that there MAY be some occasions when some vaccines are really, genuinely useful, but not often; and they need to be comprehensively proven to be absolutely safe, and actually effective: a pair of hurdles rarely overcome by most vaccines. I regard the ‘anti-vaxer’ label - under the above provisos - as a badge of honour, and not one that worries me in the least.

When I got the covid infection, in 2020, aged 79, I did the usual thing which has kept me totally free of illnesses from colds and flu for more than quarter of a century: I upped my regular daily prophylactic intake of vitamin C from two grams to thirty grams (sic!) per day, and continued that regimen for the three days that it took for me to off the infection completely. During that time, I was just slightly under the weather, and spent most of my time keeping warm and taking it easy. Since then, I have had no bother whatever from any of the - allegedly lethal - ‘variants’. Nothing. Zero special precautions taken, no masks, distancing, isolating and all the rest of the hysteria, but no problems whatever.

The Wuhan thing - if that’s really where it came from - has been no more to me than a standard-issue passing flu, that has - as ever - failed to make me ill, and to which I’m now naturally immune, I’m assuming.

But then, I live in a radically-different belief system from the one currently driving the covid troobleevers into constant hysterical panic.

Get - psychologically - well soon, guys! :slight_smile:



let us know if he censors your post, it’s a good one, thanks!

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The whole article is hilarious, and having whizzed through several dozen of the comments I’d say the massive majority are well past engaging with this lunacy, and are calling it what it is.

B’s best quote is this little pecksniff

The CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have had so many screw ups during the pandemic that one must doubt their usefulness.

Biden has given up. The UK is giving up. The thing is over.

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‘The thing is over’ - Hope so…

…meanwhile, following on from the somewhat disturbing notion of ‘Jingle Jabs’, we now have this latest insane confection: ‘A Jabby New Year’ (NHS England » NHS Urges Hundreds Of Thousands To Have A ‘Jabby New Year’)…I mean, this is way beyond sick.


Jeez. I can’t believe I sometimes used to read MoA with interest. Great comment Rhis and ten out of ten for persistence.


Oh dear.

About time these guys had their Tubby Top-Ups, no?



I think he’s good on foreign policy issues, but now I wonder about that, he seems to have lost all critical thinking skills concerning the covid psy op, maybe he is not what he seems, ie not really ‘independent’…

I still visit MoA daily, precisely because he is good on most large political issues. As ever, you just have to get to know people’s blind spots, and discount accordingly when one comes up. With b and the scam, the discount has to be 100%. Same with Saker, over the scam. Weird, isn’t it, what odd subjects trip up even the canniest. Makes me wonder what mine must be - since, by definition, we don’t know our own… :thinking: