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Comic meme collection at Off-G today. Worth it just to hear about the Pratt Truss

It’s a real thing! Only recently pressed into service to describe ‘our’ new kipper-faced PM. Previously a perfectly unremarkable girder-structure form:

PS: when I was at primary school, a common source of ribald laughter amongst the boys was the medical supports which so many of our fathers had to wear: working men with ruptured belly-musculature because of the physically very hard work that they did habitually. The big laugh-word amongst we silly boys, which was also the common term for these medical supports, was ‘truss’, also known as rupture-suspenders. Will Liz be equal to the job? Don’t bet on it…

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Time will tell. I was a fan of Boris at the start of his premiership but clearly got that wrong. Making no such assertions regarding Truss. Mind you she is a politician and most of them cannot be trusted as we all know.