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Climate The Movie - a documentary worth watching if only as a reminder

Just a reminder - we also have the climate scam to deal with!

Recent 1 hour 20 min video in an old style - persuasive but not in your face - I enjoyed it :grinning:

or here:



PS if the above links don’t work try Rumble:

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If I remember right we thought this was a film of 2 halves; the first bit, dealing with the science, was excellent but the rest of it seemed to amount to a justification of living wastefully and in doing so continuing to trash our environment with all the kinds of toxic crap ‘we’ are currently exposed to. For instance, you can argue against electric cars but in assuming cars generally are OK you’re saying you’re happy with the 20,000 tons of pulverised rubber/synthetic polymers etc. p.a. produced for us to breath or contaminate our water. If I’m remembering right that is!

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Hi @AlanG

Although as you say the second half is not science based it is experience based and it delves into well observed elements of “Climate-society” :

  • the outrageous treatment of scientists who “come out” with published papers trashing the official narrative ( specific personal experience of scientists testify here to their personal treatment)

  • the growth of Climate based policies and politics backed by the combination of Big business and Government and cheer led by a naive environmentalist propagandised public - much like Covid and Covid jabs policies and politics! Surely we have all witnessed this throughout Western society, but no-one in MSM and much of alternative media want to talk about this.

  • I agree about Fox, and I would want to dissect everything she said - but her emphasis in the film seemed to be pointing out the class attacks on the working class using "green stuff"with which to batter people.

  • I think when the electric car attack came there was a reference to better alternatives and not any reference to the petrol/diesel car. I’m sure most people have no idea about the toxicity of products that they use every day and for which manufacturers are not held responsible, the film-makers didn’t actually go there, perhaps they should have. I could see no justification being put forward for living wastefully even in the second half its focus seemed more on propagandised social controls, Climate fascism in fact.

  • they raised a valid point, missed by many, that “Climate” policies are used against poor nations to keep them poor!


“Freightened” is a documentary not to be missed…not available in full to stream in U.K yet, however, regularly been shown on EarthX “Freeview” t.v in th U.K.

I see a TLN poster keeps the occasional eye on 5f’s “broad approval” of the film despite my post being the only one which actually recommends that it be watched!
The utter failure of the TLN post to provide scientific evidence disputing the claims of the real scientists appearing in the film is clear, imo.