Chris Martenson on Ohmycrud

Chris preferred the name ‘Ohmygod!’ But we’re close. One thought that occurs to my nasty suspicious mind: Maybe the gics behind the attempted covid swindle are so panicked by how badly their scam is going, in the event, that they’ve decided that it’s time for Plan C in their playbook: Select another of the stable of nasty pathogens that they created in their bioweapon labs, and turn it loose to kill a few million, and thus terrorise the rest of us into blubbering obedience to take the poison-stabs; or maybe it is just a spontaneous mutant of the original flu pathogen, since these are known to happen constantly; or maybe the whole thing is just another propaganda-stoked stampede with no real substance to it at all outside the propaganda dream-world. Time will tell. Wait and see :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :

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And another interesting non-paywalled Part Oner from Chris (that creep in NAustralia looks like a prize psychopath to me. A priority candidate for tipping out of power pronto, and a court sentence of permanent surveillance-and-restraint, for simple public safety; and he should think himself lucky if he doesn’t get - literally - lynched, once the Australians finally rise up):

I have a feeling that this mutant is actually just a “little flu”, and can safely be caught to confer natural immunity to other more nasty strains of SARS-CoV-2. Such as has actually been virtually admitted by some chief health advisors - who nevertheless are still persuading us to get the booster as soon as possible, while the delay to do that is shortened from 6 to 3 months. A real mental contortion is necessary, as the vaccine doesn’t seem to work against this O strain, so getting more of it won’t actually help, and because it’s milder we don’t really need the Vax any more.
But the whole thing looks so much more like a psy-op strategically launched before Christmas, that it’s hard to believe anyone on it. I wonder if the WHO is actually having a joke, as Delta was where the virus spread out and got weaker, and Omicron, which means “little o” is where it more or less vanishes into irrelevance. But the tactic is to say that it is very mild, while leaving some doubt about it and vaccines’ efficacy, and leave the panicked public to bring remasking and restrictions upon themselves by popular request, because they won’t believe that the Virus is now innocuous. It’s incredible the way the thing has taken off, despite the cautions about not overreacting.
It’s also a way of pushing to get Africa vaxed when it doesn’t need it, now more than never! They are all such deviants!


Some would-be jabbed folk might wonder if they should wait for a ‘vaccine’ that was created or tweaked for the prevailing variant. The present pre-delta vaccines will be two variants behind.
The main reason for urgently pushing people to have boosters is likely to be due to the binding contracts governments signed with pharmas, especially Pfizer, which stipulate that if the vaccines in the contract go unsold the government still has to stump up for them; then they’ll still have to pay though the nose again for the new ones, which by the might have been ‘shown’ to work better - against Omicron, that is. Of course, by then there will be a new scariant, which will have been around for a while…nice work, if you can get it.


#OMICRON (“I’ll be back!”) “Odium Medicum you Insensate Cretins I don’t mean to be Rude but you’re Obviously Nuts?”


Let’s face it a “gain of function” virus is literally a different beast…it may still be less infectious…but if it’s more dangerous and comes from a baseline of no effective immunity (esp. re: vaccines), then it’s bad news! Remember D those responsible won’t admit to it…hardly surprising when you see how far they are prepared to go to “split the infinitive”…never credit them with a). Any morals or b). Any sense…


With any luck the Africans will tell Mr. Schweizer where to stick his vaccines!

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I don’t agree with much that is written here about Covid, but Dimac’s post isn’t far from my own thoughts on this omicron variant business.

Apart from one thing, that is: I don’t for one moment think that the South African woman doctor’s statement about the omicron variant being “very mild” is a “tactic”. Nor do I even see how it possibly could be a “tactic”. It seems to be a rare bit of truth that has slipped through the net (and the Net, for that matter).

But I admit that this does in itself raise a question. I’m very puzzled by it, and don’t know the answer: how come such a “bit of truth” (as it seems to me) gets an airing on a BBC television programme presented by Andrew Marr? Why hasn’t it been filtered out - “masked”, if you will - like most other such bits of truth?

So perhaps it is a very clever “tactic”, of some kind. But I still don’t see how. It’s too clever for me!

P.S. From a mathematician’s point of view, a variant that presents a vanishingly small threat would be more likely to be named ε. :slight_smile:

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“I don’t for one moment think that the South African woman doctor’s statement about the omicron variant being “very mild” is a “tactic”” I hope you are indeed right…in which case the sinister name and panicked reaction would seem to be…either way they’re not getting my bare-arm…

Watch Fauci dance-with-the-Devil as his proselytises for changing definitions!

ε :slightly_smiling_face:
(I was going to use <3 instead of the smilie but thought that might be too confusing.)
Of course it’s the impact they want to maximize(*). The speed-of-soread parameter does that. I bet they considered calling it “Beep beep”.
I also think allowing the release of the information was unlikely to be a tactic as you could see the rush to get the scary speed part out first.

(*) On it in a flash. While there were only 3 cases in the UK I saw this:

28/11/21 Omicron: Face masks must be worn again in secondary schools and colleges, government says

Face masks should be worn in communal areas in England’s schools and colleges as part of efforts to slow the spread of the omicron Covid variant, the government has said.

Pupils in year 7 and above, plus staff and visitors, are being “strongly advised” to wear a face covering under the “temporary and precautionary” measure, which will take effect from Monday.

… The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) backed the move, saying it was a “sensible response to the risks posed by the omicron variant of Covid-19”.

… Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said: “We welcome the DfE guidance that masks must be worn by adults and children in Year 7 and above in communal areas.

“…These steps can all help reduce the spread of Covid and thereby reduce disruption to education. Omicron makes the threat of disruption of education all the clearer: any close contacts of an omicron case, staff or pupils, will have to self-isolate for 10 days, whether vaccinated or not.”

A prelude to mandatory vaccination here? “Rand Paul Vs. Dr. Fauci: Their Four Most Recent Senate Hearing Clashes”

You’ve got me a little wrong on the “tactic” - which I mean is the manipulative control tactic being used by “the authorities” to suit their vax and social control objectives. What I saw as a possibility is that we’ve now reached the stage where the government can say openly that the new variant doesn’t pose such a threat, even though vaccines “May not work as well” (not at all), but the public WON’T believe them. They will suddenly regain their normal scepticism of government advice and science, because they KNOW the Thing is out there, and it could get them any time…

It would seem you are right in which case the virus is behaving as it should…becoming more transmissible as its actual virulence decreases…this means, of-course, that those who were never vaccinated become more and more likely to avoid a serious reaction and will develop immunity with ease…

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