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China controls summit in SF. Biden press conference disaster

This is mental.

It’s obvious that the US Govt heirarchy have completely lost the plot.


Thanks, Rich.

Biden is evidently not a compos mentis player. But given the online speculations abounding, does anybody here have a view about the notion that the real Biden was switched-out years ago - - some people speculate that we are being presented with actors in Biden masks. Which begs at least 1 question: if the US controllers are passing-off an actor as the president wouldn’t they give him a script that makes him appear to be on top of his brief at a minimum? Given the fact that what we see is a bumbling fool prone to comedic gaffs, inappropriate remarks, and falling-over episodes every time he makes an appearance, I reckon that it could all be fodder for the idea of ‘learned helplessness’ - that is, inculcating in the populace the belief that they cannot be reliant on government to improve their individual lot, and further, the government should not be trusted with interests abroad - - all of which brings about a sense of despair, hopelessness, and the certainty that nobody is there to fight for the people. In short, another front on the seemingly all-out assault on humanity.


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I’ve seen video of a reporter identifying Joe as the “Body double”. Will dig it out if I can find it. Here’s something else to whet your appetite;

Edit. Fake Joe

Even the Zhou Bi Dan body double couldn’t cut it, as the Duran clip posted by Loke so clearly said…

I think there’s only the one, but he is sedated (or something) much of the time. Looking back over the decade so far:

Biden barely even campaigned in 2020, he tended to give addresses to camera - reputedly from his basement and with the autocue as crutch. He was present at very few photo/video ops and those that did take place featured a claque of paid applauders and very few wide-angle views. Because hardly anyone was there.

Not so different from Theresa May a few years back, who simply did not have the soft skills to interact with the riffraff. In situations that are not tightly controlled, Biden is far too aggressive to be trusted.

Since being elected everything he has done has been scripted. From the masks-on charades to the pearl-clutching about the January 6 ‘insurrection’. But the doddering about, falling over, shaking hands with shrubbery and the general air of not actually caring much… that is just a failing body and soul.

Given enough stimulants he is quite good at snarling, and muttering gung-ho bollocks like “We are America, second to none… and we own the finish line” but holding a conversation of any kind? Nah.
While Blinken (I appreciated Alexander Mercouris’s quip that he “is no Bismarck…”) often seems to be close at hand to step in, he never actually does so.

If there were body doubles wouldn’t they simply place the real Joe in cryogenic suspension, or chuck him on a bonfire, and just plod through the rest of his term using the peripherals? (H/T Wm Gibson)

I agree with @NewSi (unless I’m misinterpreting your post) that Biden’s public disintegration does have an underlying purpose. The “oops silly me” act may even be a way of conceding the case that USA is a third-rate country and heaping all the blame on Joe. I really am not sure.