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Chaos on the Ukrainian front lines of Severodonetsk

According to UK Column there are 200 Ukies dying every day and around 1,000 wounded. They say they have this from several sources and that one source says the figure of deaths is low.

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Thanks Pat

Mercouris seems to be coming up with similar numbers from whatever his sources are. It’s a totally pointless and tragic loss of life.

I’ve seen a few mercenary reports now, like the one I posted above, describing the total chaos at the front. Although a 2 hour fire-fight with what turns out to be your own side is the biggest snafu I’ve seen…

I’ve also seen reports of Ukrainian commanders shooting their regular forces in the back as they have tried to surrender.

Incidentally, I don’t remember his name, but there was a French reporter who came back from the front, where he had been following some of these foreign fighters, and started shouting loudly about the terrible war crimes and atrocities he had witnessed. Did you ever come across him?


I don’t know who the French reporter is but having seen several French reporters doing a BBC style job on the facts, I wouldn’t trust any of them.