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Caution - very limited hangout ahead

I reckon we should be wary of the WhatsApp ‘leaks’ coming from Isabelle Oakeshott - in short, I don’t trust her (or her fellow, R Tice) - see the DS article: Toby Young seems to go along with the notion that the lovely Sir Chris Witty’s advice was ignored, and yet again TY pushes the ‘cock up’ theory - you see it’s merely ‘people of limited intelligence’ ballsing-up again!! You know, perhaps after all maybe it is time we handed-over management of ‘pandemics’ to cooler- headed and smarter supranational bodies such as the WHO - - it’s high time we had some kind of worldwide pandemic treaty…oh, hang on…



Toby Young doing his bit towards the limited hangout:

“A clown show, not a conspiracy.” No Toby dear: a clown show ON TOP OF a conspiracy. Wake up!

I have a funny glitch: I can never quite trust people called Toby…


That’s not a bad rule of thumb actually. It’s a name that certainly ranks highly on my “don’t trust” list along with Rupert and Lucy. Anyone named after characters in twee books tends to have twee parents i.e. the type who know all the etiquette and superficial stuff but will quite literally kill to get to the front of the queue. And the offspring adopt the same chinless wonder tactics with gusto.

I know: I am an appalling snob.

As @NewSi and @Willem may remember, if not a whole bunch of other 5filterers, Toby Young came very close to becoming a Big Stink in Higher Education when he was co-opted onto the Board of the Office for Students. He was manoeuvered into resigning on the pretext that he’d said Bad Things on Twitter.

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I saw this yesterday. It’s most definitely a bit cracked. But, there’s no denying that the UK gov job looks legit.


It’s the second item down, last time I checked.

Off topic. The video quite some way down (approx 40 seconds) shows strange footage of the Turkish earthquake.

That link goes to an ‘Its all the fault of the damned Jooze!’ website, L. Could be - probably is - right about the actual vote-rigging itself, whoever did it, but I don’t trust that degree of delusionism.

It really isn’t all the fault of the Jews. The zionists - jew or gentile - are a toxic strand in society. But jews per se are just people like the rest of us: chiaro-scuro, some good 'uns (like my jewish friends), some prize shits and war-criminals, like the fanatical loonies and crooks running the zionist cancer in Palestine right now.

But anyone who thinks ‘Jooze’ are behind all ills is just a cloud-cuckoo. Not the real world.


I had a bad feeling about the site too, and couldn’t see anything especially odd about the video either. The claim that it was filmed by a drone looks like nonsense. I would have guessed some CCTV apparatus that shorted out, thus bringing the footage to an end with sparks. Prior to that there are changes in the light as street lights short out or topple down. That the ground shakes before objects higher up start to resonate seems to me completely logical.

I’ve never experienced an earthquake, that I know of, but on the Witwatersrand it was really quite common for shockwaves from gold mine blasting to create quite strong tremors for a few seconds. You feel it viscerally before any shaking of ceiling/walls occurs.

I rather liked the " ‘Kamala’ is wearing a mask " photo though, reproduced below.


I did say that it’s definitely a bit cracked.

Thing is in today’s world, you have to go looking in places you wouldn’t normally want to.

The ironically named common sense will guide most of us through the detritus. I came to the site through the linked picture. My only retained memories are that job offer and the earthquake footage which was most peculiar.