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Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson & Vaccine Induced AIDS #VaccineInjuries

Video: https://twitter.com/eclipsethis2003/status/1575531616469798912 The poor lady is clearly conflicted, this is heart rending…

Also see; "Attorney Todd Callender
They put 3 HIV proteins in these shots and gave the world vaccine induced AIDS

The DOD database reports a 500% increase in HIV in 2021" Video: https://twitter.com/Xx17965797N/status/1575353175158169603

“My Warning to Hospitals:
Do not Transfuse the blood of mRNA Vaccinated person Blood to Children especially if vaccinated within 30 days. It causes an unnecessary activation of the Clotting Factors and can cause a life-threatening Clot or Emboli that can kill the Child.” https://twitter.com/Doctorfromliny/status/1575088120584081408

As usually happens, the truth is trickling out steadily, over the course of a year or two. Though Jennifer seems to be only halfway towards full realisation: a strikingly good example of a thoroughly-suckered propagandee. She’s actually still willing to credit the poison-stabs with some merit, despite what it did to her. She’d actually still take it again! Astonishing!

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Think carefully about any blood transfusions.

You have no idea about what might be put into your body.

I would not take blood from anywhere at the moment.