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'Can I introduce you please to a lump of cheddar cheese'

I see ‘Sir’ Keir Starmer has now been dobbed politician of the year at the Spectator awards - yes! thee Spectator - the Tory rag supreme.


I’m somewhat baffled by the choice of music when Dobbin steps-up for his award: Vindaloo by Fat Les! What’s that about, then!?


I had to look up the lyrics to get where your subject line was coming from @NewSi - it is certainly an interesting choice. Are England really going to win the World Cup this time? (Like I care)

In a similar sort of vein, but a much better song, here are Inner City Unit. Posted in tribute to Nik Turner (more famous from Hawkwind) who does a lovely saxophone solo part-way through. He died about a fortnight ago.

The best track on the album this comes from is a superb punky version of Glen Miller’s In The Mood. If I can find a link I’ll post it in the “other thread” and add a link :slight_smile:


… and here it is:

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