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Caitlin Johnstone: The “Rules-Based International Order”

@Everyman, critical of Johnstone’s uncommitted covid response, said here that Caitlin did a lot of rehashing of previous issues and points.

Thinking about that, it’s probably true. And surely deliberate.

It isn’t half effective though!


The “Rules-Based International Order”

\ 48x48 Caitlin Johnstone

Jan 16

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):

The “rules-based international order” has allowed the incineration of Gaza, and the bombing of Yemeni forces who are trying to stop it.

The “rules-based international order” allowed hundreds of thousands of people to be killed by western-backed Saudi atrocities in Yemen.

The “rules-based international order” allowed NATO powers to knowingly provoke a world-threatening proxy war in Ukraine.

The “rules-based international order” allowed western powers and their regional partners to plunge Syria into a horrific civil war by flooding the nation with heavily armed fascistic extremist factions.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed the US to invade and occupy a vast stretch of Syrian territory in order to control the nation’s natural resources and prevent reconstruction.

The “rules-based international order” allowed Libya to be turned into a chaotic hellscape after western-backed forces killed Gaddafi following a long-desired western regime change operation disguised as “humanitarian intervention”.

The “rules-based international order” allowed the invasion of Iraq to destabilize an entire region resulting in millions of deaths following a campaign of deliberate lies and propaganda.

The “rules-based international order” allowed the invasion of Afghanistan and a decades-long occupation sustained by lies and corruption.

The “rules-based international order” allowed the imprisonment of Julian Assange for journalistic activities exposing US war crimes.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed the planet to be circled by hundreds of US military bases, including in places where the people who live there vehemently oppose their presence like Okinawa, Iraq and Syria.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed the US and its allies to kill huge numbers of civilians with siege warfare tactics in nations like Yemen, Iraq and Venezuela.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed the US to interfere in scores of elections around the world at will and forcibly topple inconvenient governments whenever it wants to.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed China to be surrounded by a rapidly increasing amount of US military bases and war machinery in preparation for a future conflict of unimaginable horror.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed the US to plunge the world into a new cold war with rapidly-escalating brinkmanship against nuclear-armed Russia and China.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed our civilization to be controlled by the most powerful propaganda system ever devised, creating a mind-controlled dystopia of brainwashed gear-turners who are deceived into believing they are free.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed unfathomable amounts of government malfeasance to be hidden behind an increasingly opaque wall of government secrecy.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed the interests of ordinary human beings to be subordinated and subjected to the interests of billionaire corporations and sociopathic government agencies.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed the destruction of our ecosystem for the enrichment of powerful plutocrats.

The “rules-based international order” has allowed our planet to be dominated by an empire of extreme murderousness and depravity at the cost of nonstop bloodshed and ever-increasing tyranny.

If the “rules-based international order” has allowed all these things to happen, what kind of “rules” are we talking about exactly? And what kind of “order” do they sustain?

If this is what the “rules-based international order” looks like, would we not, perhaps, be better off without it?

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Yes, that’s a good piece of polemic.

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Here’s another good one from Caitlin Johnstone:

I personally prefer the term “Rule of Claw” to the “Rules based international order”.


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