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Bugatti Tourbillon

You can’t buy this yet. It’s not available for another 2 weeks. Olena Zelenska was given a special private showing where she ordered the first car.

Check out the cost of the paint (or lack thereof?)!!! I remember the oldies talking about things costing an arm and a leg. This car really was paid for with arms and legs…

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If I’m following the trail correctly, no guarantees of that, the ever-reliable Vatnik Soup (Finnish disinfo expert, of course he is, Pekka Kallioniemi) suggests that Aussie Cossack had a hand in this and it is fake.

While I tend to agree, bear in mind that the net Kallioniemi, and NAFO generally, uses to catch Kremlin propagandists is very wide and very finely meshed (eg Jordan Peterson, Max Blumenthal, Douglas Macgregor, and even Speaker Mike Johnson, which takes some chutzpah let’s face it).

The Finns are very high in the Russophobic Hysteria League along with pretty much everybody in the rough vicinity of RF, Hungary aside.