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British PM announces mandatory conscription plans

Jesus wept! How sick is this?

Sunak argued that compulsory service would help revive “national spirit” and “provide life-changing opportunities for our young people,” according to his manifesto first published by the Mail on Sunday.

Life changing as in being no longer alive you mean. Just like the 500,000 dead Ukie soldiers before them?

“As a father, I look forward to my own two daughters doing their National Service: I think they will find it a rewarding experience,” the politician claimed.

Yes, a rewarding experience getting their heads blown off in WW3. How nice for them and how totally fucking unlikely especially as you’re about to bugger off FFS!


Saw this on telegram.

From the Telegraph;

The £2.5 billion National Service scheme will see school leavers apply for a year-long placement in the Armed Forces or the UK’s cyber defences where they will gain experience in logistics, cyber security, procurement and civil response operations such as flood defences.

The placements, which are open to 30,000 youngsters, will involve residential stays at army barracks or other military facilities around the country.
The volunteering route will see 18-year-olds spend one weekend each month working in the fire services, police, the NHS as well as local charities tackling loneliness and supporting older, isolated people.

National Service was introduced in the UK in 1949, with all physically fit males aged 17 and 21 having to serve in the Armed Forces initially for 18 months, but lengthened to two years in 1950.

They then remained on the reserve list for another four years and during this time they could be called on to serve with their units but on no more than three occasions for a maximum of 20 days.

Don’t they make it sound good…

In other related news this week. NATO member Lithuania is sending their troops to Ukraine and the US House passed legislation for calling up those aged 18-26.

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More cause for concern here.

24 minutes:

No doubt at all now, the west has gone totally bonkers and put the world at great peril. I suspect the doomsday watch is now at a few seconds before midnight.

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Rubbishi is out the door soon, before he goes the only useful thing left he can do for his masters is to bang the drum for war against Russia.

Andrew Bridgen has some thoughts on these matters. I hope he’s wrong, but latest developments on the seeming success of ATACMS at destroying part of Russia’s nuclear early warning detection system (a useless target for Ukraine, so why did they target it? On whose orders?) doesn’t bode well.


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Yes… but I believe the official change to the clock is only done once per year. So we can rest easy /sarc