Bonkers 2



I’m sensing a loophole: being smuggled to Russia with a fake vaxxx sustificate, and waving it around near a hysterical Deputy…?

Can’t wait for episode 3 :roll_eyes:


Ha! Yes!

I could also add Bonkers 3, although it’s a bit more generic:

ps. I didn’t think that some people might be offended by the images/black humour in the above video. It does seem to me, though, that it’s a fairly accurate representation of what’s going on at the moment.


And it’s being actively encouraged.

Remember George Carlin’s joke about cleansing the arm of a death-row victim with a disinfectant swab, in the barbarous US gulag archipelago’s killing cells, before injecting him/her with the kill-shot. Gotta be careful about infections…! :roll_eyes:

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Send this black-humour vid as widely as possible. It makes a stark connection: violent NLP-induced psychosis-blinded idiots insisting on mad conformity - which leads directly to the spate of sudden heart-stops, as shown. Brilliant. This is how the erosion of the delusion proceeds. Spread it!


Rhis, often the only way I can stay sane during this present madness is through music. I used to play tenor saxophone, until the neighbours got up a petition.

Bill Bailey is far more musically accomplished than I. Here’s his take on the Doctor Who theme, done as Belgian jazz. It shouldn’t detract from Jamie’s thread here, because of all the monsters shown in this short musical clip…

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