Blair stirs the Covid pot

Looks like the vile war criminal is now well dug in with the NWO divide and rule extermination clique.

Hitler: Divide society into Jews and non-Jews
Blair: Divide society into Jabbed and non-Jabbed

Tony Blair calls for vaccinated Britons to be exempt from Covid restrictions: Ex-PM wants shops and pubs to have right to ban un-jabbed customers and says 21 ‘Freedom Day’ MUST go ahead


They know Blair lied about his motivation for pushing the Iraq war, so why don’t they mention the funding he gets from the Gates foundation?

Bliar in 1997 : Education education education

Bliar in 2021: Medication medication medication

He realised after Iraq that many people cannot be taught what to think and now has found the answer : tell them they must obey and be jabbed into submission or they will be taught a lesson they will not forget!