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Beyond High-Handed: I've been kept in the dark about the censorship of my "Moment"

“Users have reported to me that clicking on my Moment: https://twitter.com/i/events/1493199706381561857 produces only this image but I am able to view the Moment. I have not been contacted by Twitter about this. What is going on?”

Any Twitter users out there please try and view my “Moment” and/or esp. allow me to Tweet it to you to see if it is viewable from the platform.

"Replying to




Moment is about #Ukraine and I have shared it extensively…only now do I discover (as you have not informed me), that weeks of very hard work sharing my work may have been completely in vain! Nb. I find no way to report this issue (having checked all the contact options)"


I’ve been wasting hours putting this (daily updated), Moment “on the desks” of the Powers that Be. I’m very upset and, of-course, furious…Can any of you guys view the content of: https://twitter.com/i/events/1493199706381561857?

No. I removed my Twitter accounts fairly recently and even viewing the top part of a thread soon results in an overlay window that tries to compel me to register or to download an app. Either way it isn’t possible to scroll down and get any context whatsoever. In the case of your Moment G the response is that the page doesn’t exist. Think you’ve been cancelled, probably automatically.

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I can see it clear as day (and from the above links), …furthermore reporting through Twitter seems impossible, none of the subject headings are relevant…they just send you round and round in circles…

Do face up to the ultimate cold conclusion, folks: Shitter, Faecesbrook, Wikideceivia, Boogle and all the rest of the toxics of Sillyvalley are INCURABLY dishonest.

Addictive, perhaps, if you’re that way inclined (I’m not) but as disastrous to the psychological well-being of users as any hard drug. The only wise thing to do with them is - nothing! Abandon, have no truck, never join or use. If you want to chat with people, use other fora, such as this one.

Sillyvalley shite is for dumping. Only for that. Do it!

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O.K for those who still have enough living friends and family and don’t suffer from disabilities Rhis! Social media is vital for me, furthermore, I’ve worked damn hard on it…for many years (as you know), I’ve been writing about the #Ukraine… how many more times will they be able to cut the ground from under us?

The thing is they didn’t even tell me! I’ve checked the analytics and they confirm that next to no-one has seen it…Twitter’s actions seem totally arbitrary, they have not even deigned to inform me (or, of-course, tell me why)! Get that guys!

Clearly it was viewable for a while, quote; "NATO #Ukraine #WiderEurope #EEU #Interventionism #Imperialism #Journalism #Euromerta #Gladio #NeoNazism #BioWeapons #FalseFlags

8 Opens

The number of times your Moment was viewed

4 Unique Opens

The number of unique users who viewed your Moment


The number of times your Moment was shared from Tweet button

0% Completion Rate

The percentage of unique users that reached the end of your Moment"

Those are the stats.

Anyone else try?

Same as KE.

a lot of covid commentators use alternatives to youtube as well as substack and others - I don’t understand these so just watch what I can until the black screen and centre white dot gradually disappears, I think 5g proof homing pidgeons ( if there are such things)will be the only answer very soon!


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5g proof homing pigeons? Our feline masters are nodding sagely and purring their consent: there’s nothing like a plump pigeon on a sunny spring afternoon.

As for Twitter I empathise with Gerard and did use to look at it a lot. By blocking the troublemakers and Zionists you can create a decent little bubble that feels quite supportive. But a lack of feedback once you’re shadow banned (which the stats quoted above strongly suggest) can expose this as a padded cell. Making the break is not so hard at that stage because otherwise you end up as that eccentric who talks loudly to no one in the pub.

Telegram and SubStack are filling the “gap”, the Distraction Machine always seems to find a way


Copy and archive on your own thumbdrives, G. Then at least all your work isn’t just memory-holed by these [enter expletive of choice…] The cloud won’t preserve your work reliably. (the Akashic Records, will though. Much more durable… :slight_smile: )

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Can you view:
“The False Philosophy that Underpins the Oil Industry” #Incineration: https://twitter.com/i/events/937997845344473088?

If it was a violation they should have informed me…my acc. isn’t restricted in any way…

Thing is If I can’t “event” I will be forced to blog…and if this is a censorship issue I risk censure from Google on Blogger (something I want to avoid), if I knew what the issue was I could address it…I’m loathe to risk compromising my blog-space right now… (because the story is so fast moving I’ve so far avoided posting to the blog on it, hoping to “catch-up” using the Moment -it’s a small mercy that I can still view the entire contents-), …

"An intersectionality surely not to be missed…

#SpeckledJim": https://www.arafel.co.uk/2022/02/the-coming-storm-from-forbidden-america.html

“Sensitive Material”

Wasn’t aware you had to add this…(thought it was automatic for some reason)…

Now can you view: https://twitter.com/i/events/1493199706381561857?

Oooops! Do read…

I had a no-show Nav Bar issue on Arafel and (a good job I went through analytics for my event info), found ad block on Twitter too…I was not aware that these individual sites needed an opt-out (the issues only surfacing recently), so hopefully it will now be resolved! Please view… https://twitter.com/i/events/1493199706381561857 and let me know how you get on asap…P.S I think it’s worth the candle

“this page does not exist” comes up, I don’t twitter so maybe I need an account ?


Possibly…K can you see anything?

No, I’ve tried every link from top to bottom of the thread and get the same “does not exist” message as CJ

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…and yet I have no problem viewing the content…doesn’t make sense… what about my poetry Moment: https://twitter.com/i/events/926378311365820416? Anyone suggest a technical issue that might be a problem?

I loathe the Twitterati but, unfortunately, Rhis it is the platform that reaches the most people…if anyone has any viable (less censored), alternatives in terms of platforms I’m all ears…they’ve done this kind of thing before (even denying that they had been caught censoring -which we did on the Lifeboat-, and saying it was a bot-check…but Lifeboaters had seen “blocked for sensitive/inappropriate content” messages -that was the “Yemen Nuke Strike” stuff-), also temporarily restricting my account several times re: Covid and vaccines (for posts here I’ve Tweeted too), so no I don’t like these self-appointed truth guardians in their neoliberal white helmets! If this continues I’ll have no choice but to use Blogger as my “Moment-Maker” (daily updates are quite acceptable there), …

Quote; "Tactical Nukes… (read this esp. re: Obama)

Nb. I did not “manufacture”

this image it was sent to me from Yemen

“In the 1980s, both sides deployed short-range, tactical nuclear weapons – but the overall assumption was that deterrence worked. And once the Soviet Union collapsed, the West assumed, it didn’t matter. But in 1999, stinging from its diplomatic reversal in the Kosovo crisis, Russia began to rethink its nuclear doctrine. The head of its national security council demanded permission to use nukes pre-emptively, on a small scale, “in situations critical to the national security of the Russian Federation” – that is, even where the West had shown no intention of going nuclear. By the time the doctrine came to be signed off by the president, the president was its author, Vladimir Putin.”: https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/vladimir-putin-has-only-one-card-

Mason is inexcusable considering, quote; “Obama’s statements on the use of nuclear weapons against Iran and North Korea are consistent with post 9/11 US nuclear weapons doctrine, which allows for the use of tactical nuclear weapons in the conventional war theater.*
Through a propaganda campaign which has enlisted the support of “authoritative” nuclear scientists, mini-nukes are upheld as an instrument of peace, namely a means to combating “Islamic terrorism” and instating Western style “democracy” in Iran. The low-yield nukes have been cleared for “battlefield use”. They are slated to be used against Iran and Syria in the next stage of America’s “war on Terrorism” alongside conventional weapons.
“Administration officials argue that low-yield nuclear weapons are needed as a credible deterrent against rogue states. [Iran, Syria, North Korea] Their logic is that existing nuclear weapons are too destructive to be used except in a full-scale nuclear war. Potential enemies realize this, thus they do not consider the threat of nuclear retaliation to be credible. However, low-yield nuclear weapons are less destructive, thus might conceivably be used. That would make them more effective as a deterrent.” (Opponents Surprised By Elimination of Nuke Research Funds Defense News November 29, 2004)
The preferred nuclear weapon to be used against Iran are tactical nuclear weapons (Made in America), namely bunker buster bombs with nuclear warheads (e.g. B61.11), with an explosive capacity between one third to six times a Hiroshima bomb. The B61-11 is the “nuclear version” of the “conventional” BLU 113. or Guided Bomb Unit GBU-28. It can be delivered in much same way as the conventional bunker buster bomb. (See Michel Chossudovsky, http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO112C.html, see also Article Commentary: A Sustained Reaction - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists) . While the US does not contemplate the use of strategic thermonuclear weapons against Iran, Israel’s nuclear arsenal is largely composed of thermonuclear bombs which are deployed and could be used in a war with Iran.” : "Arafel": Update on Unofficial Nuclear Proliferation: #Israel #Egypt #SaudiArabia #IranDeal #GoodNeighbours #NUMEC #TacticalNukes #USForeignPolicy #Yemen #Iran #Syria #NKorea

"Reading between the lines is not difficult here, clearly there have been those right at the top of successive U.S administrations who have assisted Israel in its acquisition of nuclear weaponry. The implication is that a Pentagon Paper wall-of-silence has more-or-less always existed with regard to Israel’s nuclear ambitions and capabilities (and probably like the Pentagon Papers if such should be revealed would elicit only feigned surprise from most of the U.S populace -and most of the rest of the World-).
As the U.S has spread the B-61 “bunker-buster” around Europe Israel’s stick-to-beat the Americans with has been the Israeli nuclear program, the supply of smaller U.S designed bombs has no doubt been intended to ensure both “correct” somewhat “limited” use by Israel and to limit the possibility of either failure or explosive accident (which is how the U.S has unofficially justified supplying them to the Israelis to the international community -the implication also being that these bunker-busting weapons are primarily considered as for use against Iran-). The Israelis may have calculated that given the assistance of its Saudi allies and the local “good neighbour” policy between themselves Egypt and Saudi Arabia a tactical nuclear strike against the Yemeni rebels (who are supported at least by the Iranian administration), was “justifiable”, especially so as the Iran Deal was (at the time of the alleged strike), just about to be signed. Israel is known for forcing the hand of the U.S by stepping beyond the accepted boundaries of international behaviour, perhaps flashing their nuclear armoury has been another example.


Explaining Israel’s aberrant behaviour is not that difficult either, spoiled children who are rewarded when they behave like mavericks develop an inflated opinion of themselves and they make mistakes. No matter how hard the Deep State attempts to obscure the use of tactical nukes by the “Israel ibn Saud” alliance (incl. indulging in the wholesale breach of the human rights of the people of Yemen by trapping them within a war zone the Powers that Be don’t want the prying eyes or open ears of aid agency workers or journalists to penetrate -an apparently somewhat desperate and panicked reaction-), the truth will out but let’s hope it does so before another and bigger theatre of war is opened in either Korea or Iran and the initial flash of the Yemen strike is obscured by the fog of a larger nuclear war.
There is however a more subtle but equally plausible narrative, clearly the opinion analysts and manufacturers (both inside and outside), of The State Dept. have been exercised by the questions (and this for some time); “Does the public (both at home and abroad), now consider a limited “techy” nuclear exchange (or the asymmetrical use of such weapons in specific circumstances), to be a different animal to that of a full strategic exchange?” …(and), … “Can we make the limited “battlefield” (a somewhat loose term as applied here), use of lower yield nuclear weapons acceptable?” So perhaps the PtB thought; “We’ll let the Israelis drop one of theirs on Yemen and see if anyone jumps!” Outlandish? Not really when one considers just how much time and energy has gone into both the continuing Korean War and preparing for possible conflict with Iran, to put it in cold economic terms; “It’s worth a lot more than are a few more dead or outraged civilians in one of the poorest countries in the world” (that’s “to them” of-course). Maybe it’s a bit of both though (as usual in-fact when it comes to U.S foreign policy), with the right-hand not really knowing what the left-hand is doing.
Politicking is just that, however, international law states that if the Saudis and Israelis dropped a tactical nuke on Yemen this was a criminal act and a case should be brought against them and heard under the fullest of international and public scrutinies.

Also see; “#YemenNuclearStrike #TacticalNukes #UnofficialNuclearProliferation: A serious look into the murky world of post Cold War nuclear politics and proliferation” Go to: https://twitter.com/i/moments/879617300126732288 for posts containing more video footage": "Arafel": Update on Unofficial Nuclear Proliferation: #Israel #Egypt #SaudiArabia #IranDeal #GoodNeighbours #NUMEC #TacticalNukes #USForeignPolicy #Yemen #Iran #Syria #NKorea

Response re: https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2022/03/21/the-potential-catastrophe-of-misperceiving-total-war-as-tactical-war/

No sorry. Getting a “Page does not exist” response to all of your links that I have clicked from this thread. Is it just this Moment that doesn’t work ie is the rest of your Twitter account working properly? Maybe try logging out and looking for yourself to see if your name comes up in a search etc.

Best wishes

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None of the Moments work, everything else works fine, absolutely no response from Twitter Support though (that’s standard from the arrogant know-nothings), …