Been paying attention?

This has been online for six months, but I only just found it. It might be a good link to forward to CoroniKnowAlls. I scored 6/12, nice and mediocre.


Eight for me. :+1:

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The one with the graph was a cracker. Got harder as the quiz unfolded.

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“…Got harder as the quiz unfolded.”
Yeah, I got the first six, then only 2 more after that.

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Karen, I also scored 6 out of 12.

Maybe, as a refusenik, I should now lay in a ditch and die.

I’d actually prefer to do that rather than going into one of those nice camps they are rapidly building for the non-vaccinated.

Naw, that could never happen.

It’s actually happening right in front of your eyes, for those that have eyes that can see.

Hi folks, I’m clearly spending too much time on this sh’t, I got the mask question wrong and the virus variations wrong! My other 10 guesses matched their story, but what’s the real story?:slightly_smiling_face:



CJ, I guess this is a hill that many of us are prepared to die on.

What’s happening in Austria is quite breathtaking. One third of the population are still refusing the jabs (not a small minority) and as a result they are now being locked out of society.

As always, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

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7 right, but I am sending this to every person I have an email address for (except my brainwashed family)

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