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BBC pro-Israel bias, disgracefully, not yet at 100% it seems

BBC forced to issue apology after parroting Hamas claim once again


Obviously a work in progress for Israel’s international news censors.
What’s the point of having foreign news desks in your pocket if they don’t write exactly what you want them to.
Maybe Tzipi Hotevely should publish her targets for BBC synchronisation of news with IDF press releases, and then we could all help.

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GBNews ends its report:

. . . .Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to pursue the drive until Hamas is destroyed.

However, he has come under growing pressure from the US, his country’s closest ally, and Arab leaders to scale back the assault, which has left thousands injured and caused a humanitarian crisis.

Sounds like it might be a serious case of careless driving to me. God they’re on the ball aren’t they.

Jesus. No deaths worth mentioning! Well spotted.

That’s even worse than the normal BBC message - that things would be better if those Palestinians would just stop…dying.

That must be how the BBC is ‘left-wing’ :grimacing:

Well, here’s a lesson in how to deal with the British Bullsh*t Corporation’s reporters. From the BBC’s Arabic channel.

Watch (only 3 minutes) from 59 minutes.