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Bassem Youssef on proportionality in the Israeli/Palestinian situation

A good exposure if the hypocrisy. Where was the outrage when Israeli settlers kidnapped a young Palestinian and burned him alive? Forcing him to drink the kerosene they poured on his body?

Yes, but Oct 7…




Honestly I haven’t looked with the frequency I once did, but PCHR is an eye-popping catalogue of the unremitting daily miseries endured by Palestinians - utterly impossible for a people to endure such treatment without some kind of fight back.

I just tried to visit the PCHR website but cannot gain access at all. Though any number of sites that problematise PCHR are all too eager to open up - such as this: [TRASH](Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) » ngomonitor

It has gems such as this: Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is a leader in anti-Israel lawfare campaigns, ignores the existence of terrorism against Israeli civilians, and presents a distorted version of the conflict based only on the Palestinian narrative

Fancy that! An organisation that was set up to document the awful realities of the occupation and drip by drip genocide is castigated for not being mindful of the oppressor’s evidently wonky ‘narrative’.


Is this accessible :
or this:

I can see them with a VPN - at the moment!


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Cheers, CJ - neither work - I’m taken into a bot check loop that doesn’t trust that I’m ‘a human’ - that said, I am using a phone - will try later on a more secure device.

It’s all part of the ‘online safety’ agenda. What really astounds me is the number of alternative sites using Cloudfare" to verify each site access as ‘safe’ and ‘human’.

I want to scream at them, a) Get you site hosted in Iceland or somewhere with similar rights, and b) Get rid of Cloudfare as they control the Domain Naming Service (DNS) for your site. For those that don’t know, without the DNS, to get to BBC.co.uk (not that anyone would want to) for example, you would need to put something like 189.123.624.150 in your browser. I’m offering odds that Cloudfare will be active in taking down alternative sites when the false flag cyber war begins.


Precisely, Pat - it was Cloudfare that was in my way : /

Me too - thanks for the info. I don’t doubt this will become another invisible hurdle to wrongthinking people. With AI to help it no doubt.