Ban Water Companies discharging raw sewage into water courses

“Ensure Water companies treat the sewage they are responsible for. Not discharge it into rivers and water courses. After all what goes into the ocean comes back as the fish we eat. This should be illegal!”

You don’t need to ‘Ban Water Companies discharging raw sewage into water courses’. You just need to ban big companies.

The ‘commons’ involves our air, water and land. Any company which comes along and starts charging you for the commons is acting totally illegally (under common law).

The legal aspect of all this is often debated. Just tell ‘Big Whatever’ to feck off and take them to court, and then you’ll find out where the law actually stands.

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Well hold on…utilities should be “socialised” they belong to everyone…(doesn’t make me an “-ist” by the way just Schumachian), … but you’re right about the legislature, that’s what we have a judiciary for, to do exactly what it likes…ah no hold…we should have thrown rotten fruit and veg when they had the temerity, having allowed our national politics to descend into the gutter and consequently down the sewer, to protest, on our streets, against the administration …